Halo Infinite – Definitive Equipment Guide

Guide to Equipment

Drop Wall

The Drop Wall is a one-way shield that you can employ as shelter by throwing it out. Because it’s one-way, you can shoot through it from the back but not from the front. The shield is divided into 15 panels, each of which can be shattered by three rounds from an Assault Rifle, making it a somewhat weak shield that will offer you only enough cover to fire a few shots at your target before being struck. It can also deflect grenades, so if your reactions are quick enough, you could use a Drop Wall to deflect a few grenades. However, because it is not a solid object, players and vehicles can pass through it. Wall has a 10 second duration


When you activate the Repulsor, your Spartan fires a wrist-mounted blast that knocks things back. The most obvious application is to keep attackers away from you, such as those wielding a sword, hammer, or shotgun, but it also works against vehicles and explosives like rockets and grenades. Deflecting a thrown Plasma Grenade with the Repulsor almost always causes it to fly back and stick to the person who launched it if you react quickly enough.

Threat Sensor

Threat sensors are a device that can be fired off like a sticky grenade to reveal positions of nearby enemies. The device is a pulse like device that highlights the player’s silhouette and exposing them to the open for you and your teammates. The devices works through objects and lasts for six seconds.


A grappling hook device that lets you swing all around the map like some sort of a budget spider man. Pretty straightforward, you swing items to you or you swing all around, or swing yourself to vehicles/people and knocking people out.


It’s in the name. A couple charges to get to a location faster nothing really special with these but it comes in handy having to escape sticky situations. You can definitely play aggressive with this and close gaps between opponents.

Active Camo

A classic item that returns to Infinite with 30 seconds of camouflage when activated. For this item, you want to make sure you aren’t running or shooting because it will reveal your location. As long as you aren’t engaging whatsoever and or running you should be invisible. A nice feature to being camouflage, is being undetectable by active threat sensors.


It’s always nice to have an extra shield on hand when things get a little bit rusty. Overshield provides you a 40 second of momentarily shield (before it get shot away) keeping you alive while the shield is still active. Be careful, the shield does in fact decay over time and if you’re being shot the shield can be destroyed almost instantly.

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