Halo Infinite – Guide to Game Menus

Halo Infinite’s main menu tabs are Play, Customize, Community, and Shop.

In the bottom right of the screen, there are three smaller icons that represent the text chat window, Social, and Control Panel menus.

The default menu tab is Play. In this view you can access recent news, such as information about major updates or events, and access your Season Progress menu.

The Season Progress menu shows Battle Pass, any events unique to this season, and current Challenges progress. Challenges are how you make progress on the Battle Pass.


Currently you can choose several ways to play Halo Infinite: Academy, Multiplayer, and Custom Games are free to play. On December 8, 2021 Halo Infinite Campaign will be available for purchase.


Multiplayer enables you to play against and with other people in a wide variety of maps and modes. You can also add members to your Fireteam on this screen. Choose a playlist that describes your preferred experience, select the playlist to see further information, apply Boosts or Play. Once you select Play you will matchmake into a group to play your selected experience. Wait times may vary but are usually under a few minutes.

You may exit any time before your match is made. Quitting once matched or during a game is a bad experience for your teammates who are left unsupported. You will lose any stats/progress earned in the match and risk an automated or manual enforcement ban for abandoning a match.


Academy contains Tutorial, Weapon Drills, and Training Mode options.

Tutorial will take you through a story mode bootcamp, going over all the basic skills.

Weapons Drills allows players to spend time on the range with all the main firearms. Each weapon has three timed drills of increasing difficulty.

Training mode allows players to explore multiplayer while fighting against bots, instead of other players. Training mode is highly customizable, allowing players to practice in a wide range of scenarios and difficulty levels.

Custom Games

The Custom Games menu allows you to create your own game mode with a variety of possible adjustments to existing rules. Lobby options define whether your custom game can be played with any of your friends or is invitation only. By default, the lobby will be set to Friends only.


Customize allows you to personalize your appearance in Multiplayer and Academy. Customizations are not visible in Campaign. Personalization options include armor, weapons, vehicles, body, personal AI, and Spartan ID.


The Community tab allows players to watch replays of games, view their match history, and find and play popular custom game modes and custom game files.

In Theater, players can watch films they have bookmarked and view their match history. From match history, players can watch previous matches.

Popular Modes enables players to find and play popular custom game modes that have been created by other players.

Halo Infinite allows players to bookmark files in-game. My Bookmarks contains custom games and replays that have been bookmarked.

My Files contains saved files from the Custom Game Lobby or Content Browser searches.


In the Shop, players can buy Halo Credits (the in-game currency for Halo Infinite) to spend on cosmetic options. Cosmetics can be applied in the Customize menus.

The bundles for sale in the Shop change regularly.

You can also purchase Premium Battle Passes in the store. This will unlock many additional items as you complete Battle Pass challenges.

Text Chat

The text chat menu enables you to chat with your Fireteam. To access text chat on keyboard, press Y. To access chat with Xbox controller hold down the menu button (the button with three horizontal lines). Select A to open the virtual keyboard.


The Social menu has three tabs: Fireteam, Friends, and Recent. On Xbox, press the view button to access this menu.

The Fireteam tab shows you who is currently in your Fireteam. The players in your Fireteam will follow you automatically into a multiplayer game if you queue up for one and will be on your team if possible.

The Friends tab shows everyone you have on your Xbox account’s friends list who plays Halo Infinite. You can invite people to your Fireteam from this menu. To add someone as a friend on your Xbox account.

The Recent tab shows players you have recently played with. You can add people as friends or invite them to your Fireteam from here.

Control Panel

The Control Panel menu can be accessed in the bottom right of the screen by selecting the gear icon, by pressing ESC on a keyboard, or by pressing the Menu button on an Xbox controller (the button with three horizontal lines).


Settings allows players to configure Controller, Keyboard/Mouse, Video, Audio, User Interface (UI), and Accessibility settings.

Players can modify their Controller and Keyboard/Mouse settings to a high degree. Options include:

  • General layout and vibration settings
  • Movement and aiming
  • Sensitivity and acceleration
  • Move and Look thumbstick sensitivity
  • Button mapping/key binding

Video options include configuring the field of view, graphics quality and sensory experiences. Sensory controls include how much players want the camera to move during high impact events, the intensity of visual effects such as bright flashes and how sharp they want edges and textures to be during explosions.

Audio allows players to configure:

  • Volume
  • Dynamic range of their hardware
  • Subtitle settings
  • Communication options, enabling or disabling voice chat

UI configuration options are:

  • Appearance of the Heads-up Display (HUD))
  • Outlines and colors – ­how enemies, friends and your team’s marker are displayed
  • Markers and banners – whose names are shown in multiplayer
  • UI visual effects in the HUD
  • Observer interface – the camera experience when spectating a live match or watching a film
  • Theatre interface – what is visible when a film starts
  • Weapon offsets – adjust in three dimensions how weapons are shown in-game

My Profile

My Profile menu shows your game play statistics, allows you to inspect your armor and quickly access your files and Match History and Gamercard. When inspecting armor, you can favorite specific armor pieces. This will make them easier to find when customizing your appearance in the Customize tab.

Patch Notes

Selecting this option will take you to the most recent official release content on the Halo Support website.


Selecting Support takes you to the Halo Support site where you can file a ticket to report an in-game issue or read articles to learn about the game.


This option will initiate the credits of the game, showing you who helped create Halo Infinite.

Exit to Desktop

The Exit to Desktop option only appears on PC and will fully close out of the game.

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