Halo Infinite – How to Change The Field of View (FOV) Setting

Increasing the Field-of-View (FOV) setting allows players to see more of the battlefield and surroundings while playing. This may reduce a potential feeling of “tunnel vision” or motion sickness that some players experience. 

Change the FOV Setting in Halo Infinite

  1. The first step depends on your platform: 
    • PC: From any menu while not in a match, press the ESC key on your keyboard until you’ve reached the Control Panel menu. 
    • Xbox console: From any menu while not in a match, press the Menu button on your Xbox controller (the one with three horizontal lines near the middle of your controller) to bring up the Control Panel menu. 
  2. Choose Settings
  3. Select the Video tab along the top of the menu
  4. Under the Display section, see the slider labeled Field of View
  5. Adjust the slider to your desired setting. The default is 78°. To widen your field of view, raise this number
  6. When you exit the menu, your setting will save

Additional Tips

  • You may pause and adjust FOV during gameplay
  • At FOV settings higher than the default (78°), looking straight down will make your character’s legs no longer visible to you. This will not affect gameplay
  • Higher FOV settings may reduce frames per second (FPS)
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