Halo Infinite – How to Skip Loading Intro

Getting tired of waiting for the intro to finish? This guide let you load in quickly without wasting any valuable time.

Skip Loading Intro

Before doing this make sure your game is closed!

Go to where Halo Infinite is installed on your PC and enter the folder called “videos”.

Now make a new folder called “backup” in the videos folder and drag the following files into it:

  • intro.mp4
  • Startup_Sequence_Loading.mp4

Now launch Halo and enjoy

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  1. If what this tweak is for people who are playing on a good machine that loads faster than the forced 20s startup videos length.

  2. I can load the game in ~5 seconds, but this was still causing crashing.
    Solution: Instead of moving the videos, just make a backup copy. Then, edit both mp4s in Notepad. Ctrl+A, backspace, and save. This should create 2 empty video files the game will see and load, fail to load, and skip the intro. Worked for me.

  3. Just remove intro.mp4 not Startup_Sequence_Loading.mp4 for people having crashing issues. First launch will be a crash let it crash and then start it again then there will be no 343/xbox intro and the game will run how it is meant to be

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