Halo Infinite – How to Unlock The Medic! Achievement

The Medic! Achievement Guide

Go to Custom Games. Click Mode Editor and change the gamemode to Arena:Attrition which is a 343 Industries mode.

Click Mode Editor again to customize the following settings:

  • Sandbox
  • Primary Weapon – Gravity Hammer or M41 SPNKr
  • Infinite Ammo – On
  • Bottomless Clip – On
  • Health & Damage
  • Team Damage Resistance – On


  • Bot Count [Team 1: Eagle] – 2


  • Team Respawn Count – 1
  • Revive Allies Action Time – 1 s

Make sure you are on Team Eagle in the top right, then start the game.

Kill both your bot teammates. Killing the first one will get rid of your team’s 1 life. Revive the other one. Kill and revive that bot 2 more times and your achievement will unlock.

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