Halo Infinite – How to Use The Mark System

How to Use The Mark System

The Mark system helps players quickly communicate with teammates. Marking can also be called pinging a spot.

To mark a spot:

  • Put what you would like to mark in your crosshairs
  • Press X on a Keyboard or Up on the directional pad on an Xbox Controller

Marked spots appear on teammates’ screens with information about the target. The symbol and color of the mark depend on what was marked. Marked information also appears in the Event Feed at the bottom left of the screen.

Marking objects does not make the object yours. A marked weapon, equipment, or vehicle can still be taken and used by an enemy.

Marker Types


Marking the ground will call out the location on the map. For example, pinging the center hallway on the map Live Fire creates a mark for Hallway.

Weapons, Equipment, and Vehicles

Marking a weapon rack, power weapon, equipment, or vehicle on the map will share the name of the weapon or equipment and call out the location on the map.

Honk the horn of your vehicle to request additional passengers.


Marking an enemy will create a red exclamation point marker on teammates’ screens and call out the location on the map.

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