Halo Infinite – Ranks and Ranking Tiers Guide

Guide to Ranks and Ranking Tiers


The way progression works in Halo multiplayer has changed quite drastically from the previous games. Instead of working your way up the ranks by earning XP, this time you need to rank up through the Halo Infinite battle pass, which some players are calling too grindy though the battle pass has since become easier to grind. Instead of earning XP directly from matches, the experience earned from daily, weekly, and ultimate challenges goes towards the battle pass to progress through the 100 tiers and earn rewards.

Halo Infinite Ranking System Explained

Currently, you can access all Season 1 content including maps, core modes, Academy features, and the battle pass. You also have access to Ranked Arena, where you can start playing ranked matches in modes: Slayer, Capture the Flag, Oddball, and Strongholds. Here’s how the ranking system works in Halo Infinite.

You need to complete ten matches before being assigned a rank based on your performance. You can then access Ranked Arena, a mode that puts you through your paces by disabling features or limiting gun types. You can also choose whether to enter a queue for controller or mouse and keyboard lobbies, as well as solos or duos. Here are all the current Ranked Arena gameplay settings:

  • All players start off with a Battle Rifle.
  • Combat Sensor is disabled for all matches.
  • Friendly fire is on.
  • All grenade hit markers are disabled.
  • Static item spawns are featured.

The Halo Infinite ranks themselves are split into six different ranks, with multiple levels throughout.

Halo Infinite Ranks

  • Bronze: I – VI
  • Silver: I – VI
  • Gold: I – VI
  • Platinum: I – VI
  • Diamond: I – VI
  • Onyx
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