Halo Infinite – Razorback Death Squads Guide

Guide to Razorback Death Squads


As can be seen within Halo Infinite’s campaign, the one thing that is most apparently clear to you is the practical /infinite/ supply of marines the UNSC has on Zeta Halo. You will never stop to question humanity’s clone Grand Army of the Republic until you practically read this “guide”. To be honest, this isn’t even a guide and more like a: “If you’re not doing this, are you even playing Infinite?”

So let’s get into the gist of it.

So the UNSC and The Banished got into a bit of a space brawl. Apparently, for some bloody reason, the marines failed to achieve victory in their war against The Banished. Even with the ultimate power of these levels of cheesiness they had no idea they were capable of reaching. Apparently you, doomguy the Master Chief, are needed to save the day… This is absolute nonsense and I will tell you why.

Here Is the Guide

  1. Call in a Razorback first (to avoid your moronic drunk pelican pilot from dropping the vehicle on the landing zone and killing half the squad you spent ages assembling and then flying off like the psychopath he is.)
  2. Gather marines that haven’t died by getting squished by your logistical requirements.
  3. Give them skewers, sentinel beams and sniper rifles and get them in the hog.
  4. Drive to any Banished base or compound.
  5. Observe the results.

You won’t lose unless you personally align yourself with Bushido and kamikaze your troophog into 10000 wraiths, or that one brute that so happens to have a lucky shot on the hog with a load of explosives.

You’ll come to wonder afterwards how a couple of your stranded space hobos manage to completely obliterate an entire army of technologically advanced, angry space apes in less than five minutes.

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