Halo Infinite – Support Glossary

Support Glossary

TWO VERSUS TWO, FOUR VERSUS FOUR2V2, 4V4Two versus two, four versus four describe the size of groups playing against each other with the v representing the word versus.
ACADEMY Weapon drills, gameplay against bots, and a customizable training mode to help players get familiar with core game mechanics and weapons.
ACHIEVEMENTS  The completion of a specified activity which rewards a player with Gamerscore points on their Xbox Profile.
AGENT (HALO SUPPORT OR SAFETY AGENT) Members of the 343 Industries team who are experts in our game, and handle Halo Support tickets to track player issues, offer resources or information, and perform enforcement actions on Report a Player tickets.
ARENA A multiplayer mode where two groups of four players compete against each other in games like Slayer and Capture the Flag, often weapons and equipment are scattered throughout the map.
BAN A loss of access to a feature or game as a consequence of violating Xbox Community Standards. Bans may occur from automated in-game functions or may be applied as a result of a ticket being filed at aka.ms/HaloReportAPlayer. Learn more about Xbox Community Standards here: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/legal/community-standards
BANISHED An army of mercenary characters, ex-Covenant warriors, and allied clans under the command of Atriox. Their goal is to accumulate power and resources by any means necessary.
BATTLE PASS A feature that lets you earn customizations for your character, vehicles, weapons, and more by completing in-game challenges during gameplay. These challenges award progress on your Battle Pass.
BIG TEAM BATTLEBTBLarge group game modes and maps with two teams of up to 12, these maps are larger than regular arena maps and feature vehicles.
BOTS AI non-player characters in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer matches and Training Mode gameplay. Bots come in four difficulty levels: Recruit (easiest), Marine, ODST, and Spartan (hardest).
BOT MATCH A team of human players playing against a team of AI bots.
CAMPAIGN A game mode available in single player or co-op where the player can work through a series of missions that tell a larger story.
CAPTURE THE FLAGCTFA game mode available in single player or co-op where the player can work through a series of missions that tell a larger story.
CHALLENGES Objectives that players can complete during multiplayer gameplay to make progress toward new unlocked customizations in their Battle Pass. Some challenges refresh daily, others refresh weekly.
CHALLENGE SWAP A type of consumable item that allows a player to switch out an active Weekly Challenge for a random new one. These are activated on the Challenges tab of the Battle Pass menu by selecting the icon to the left of the unwanted Challenge.
CHAT Text and voice communication features used by teams during and outside of gameplay. The Xbox Code of Conduct must be followed in verbal and written conversations to avoid penalties.
CINEMATIC A cinematic sequence that plays between missions to helps tell the campaign story.
COATINGS Paint, textures, and materials that can be applied to armor, vehicles, and weapons in the Customization menus. Often referred to as “skins”, these cosmetic changes that do not impact gameplay. Additional coatings can be earned through Seasonal Battle Passes or purchased in the in-game Shop.
CO-OP A type of gameplay where players are on teams working together toward a common goal. 
COMMUNITY A section of the main menu in Halo Infinite that includes social and creative features.
COMPETITIVE Ranked gameplay, in which the outcome of a match is tracked and compared with other players performance in an overall ranking system.
CONFIGURATION Platform, game version, and setting details. Configuration information is collected in Halo Support tickets to enable our developers to replicate and work on fixes for in-game issues.
CORE A customizable foundation for weapons, armors, and vehicles. Customization options are tied to specific cores. For example, a helmet from one armor core cannot be applied to another armor core.
CONSUMABLE Items which increase progress toward a goal, these are earned or purchased and can only be used once.
CUSTOM GAME Players create their own personalized game mode using an options menu to change the rules. Depending on the settings, either friends or a player’s Fireteam can then join a custom game lobby to play together.
CUSTOMIZATION The ability to change the player’s Spartan, weapon, and vehicle appearance (armor, helmet, coatings, emblems, etc.) in the Customize menu. The Armor Hall, Weapons Bench, Vehicle Bay, Body & AI, and Spartan ID menus are all within the Customize menu.
DEATH CAM A third-person perspective playback view that shows your character’s body after being killed or dying in game.
DIALOGUE Character-driven audio that provides contextual information or story elements.
DOUBLES Another term for 2v2 game modes.
EMBLEM A symbol that players can choose to customize their weapons, armor, and vehicles.
ENFORCEMENT AND SAFETY 343 processes, articles, and ticketing systems designed to creating and protect safe, inclusive player experiences in Halo games.
FIELD OF VIEWFOVHow much of the surrounding area you see in-game. A higher FOV will show more of the surrounding scenery. For some players, a higher FOV helps reduce potential motion sickness experienced during gameplay.
FILE SHARE The feature that allows players to add their own game files (maps, game modes) for other players to use.
FIRETEAM A group, or party, of players that enter matchmaking together and can communicate with each other. Fireteams can be formed through the Social menu.
FLIGHT A term used by game developers to describe early versions of a game in the testing phase. Players may register for the Halo Insiders program to request inclusion in player tested flights.
FORERUNNERS A race of characters in Halo lore that served as stewards of all life in the galaxy. At the height of their power, their civilization spanned over three million inhabited worlds. Forerunners created the Halo rings, a collection of seven ringworld installations which form a weapon network capable of destroying all sentient life in the galaxy.
FREE-FOR-ALLFFAA multiplayer game mode with no teams, where every player plays against each other without teams.
FREE-TO-PLAY F2P / FTPA game that is available to play at no cost. May require an account (for Halo, that means an Xbox account) and may offer optional in-game purchases.
GAME MODES A set of rules that determines the objectives and winners in a Halo Infinite multiplayer match. There are different game modes available in smaller Arena matches compared to larger Big Team Battle matches. Examples of game modes include Slayer, Oddball, and Capture the Flag.
HALO RINGS A weapon array built by the Forerunners 100,000 years before the time Halo Infinite takes place. Also referred to as the “Halo Array,” “Halo installations,” or just “Halo” or “Halos.”
HALO CHAMPIONSHIP SERIESHCSThe official Halo esports league with events across North America, Latin America, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand. HCS features some of the biggest teams in Esports, and it is an open ecosystem meaning anyone can sign up and compete for first place.
HALO INSIDER A program offered to enable players to test Halo games before public releases.
HALO WAYPOINT The official website for Halo news, support, blogs, player profiles, discussion forums and special events.
LEADERBOARDS An ordered ranking of top player scores, listed in order of performance.
LINEAR NAVIGATION An accessibility feature that adds a visual highlight that allows the user to move between all available menu options on the screen with a limited subset of controls.
MATCHMAKING The system used to automatically put players in games together for multiplayer modes in Halo Infinite.
MULTIPLAYER A game mode which allows social or competitive online play sessions. Players can choose to play with friends via party or fireteam, or use matchmaking to be randomly grouped. Chatting via text or using a headset/microphone is not required to play multiplayer.
NAMEPLATE The stylized rectangular background of your gamertag within Halo Infinite. The nameplate image, color palette, and backdrop can be customized within the Spartan ID menu.
NETWORK PERFORMANCE How the player’s network performs when sending information between client and server. It is heavily impacted by bandwidth and connection quality.
NON-PLAYER CHARACTERNPCAny character in the game that isn’t controlled by a player.
ODDBALL A multiplayer game mode where holding the “oddball” (a flaming skull) accrues points for the holder’s team. The first team to reach a certain number of points wins.
PERSONAL AI An artificial intelligence (AI) model that aids players in multiplayer matches by helping capture objectives, unlocking doors in Big Team Battle, and offering words of encouragement. Each Personal AI has unique a voice and design. Players can select a Personal AI and its color in the Body & AI menu.
PARTY Another term for “Fireteam,” referring to a group of players that enter matchmaking together and can communicate with eachother. Fireteams can be formed through the Social menu.
PING A player-marked spot or item in a multiplayer game may be referred to as pinged. This term is also used as a measure of network latency. A high network ping indicates that a player’s device and the multiplayer server are taking longer than expected to communicate. This can result in a delay between a player’s button press and the assigned action happening.
PLAYLIST Preset multiplayer mode and map settings used when entering matchmaking.
POST GAME CARNAGE REPORTPGCRThe scoreboard that provides a detailed breakdown of how each player performed in a match, including medals and objective contributions.
RANKED A playlist where the outcome of the match is tracked and compared with other players’ performance in an overall ranking system.
REPORT A PLAYER A system used to intake tickets where players are reported for breaking the XBox Code of Conduct. Evidence is required, and false reports may result in an enforcement action against the reporter.
SANDBOX The weapons, equipment, vehicles, objects, and movement abilities available to a player are sometimes referred to as “the sandbox.” 
SCOPED The state of viewing an object through the magnified scope of a weapon, such as a sniper rifle. Not all weapons in game offer a scoped view.
SEASON Regular updates that evolve the game experience over time with events, new modes and maps, and community-focused content. Rewards for a Season’s Battle Pass vary based on free or paid tracks, but players can always apply their Battle Pass progress to an older Battle Pass, regardless of season.
SERVICE RECORD A summary of player’s online career, including Campaign progression, multiplayer rank, and game performance stats like kill/death ratio.
SERVICE TAG A series of four letters and numbers chosen by the player to display alongside their gamertag within Halo Infinite.
SHOP The in-game marketplace, where customization items may be unlocked – some may be earned through gameplay and others may be purchased.
SINGLE PLAYER The term for a game mode that can be played without any other people. The Campaign mode can be played single-player.
SKULLS A type of item that can be collected in the Campaign. Each one unlocks a special, game-changing effect that can be activated later.
SLAYER A game mode in Halo Infinite where players win by killing opposing players until their team reaches a certain number of kills. Sometimes referred to as Team Deathmatch.
SOCIAL Playlists that aren’t Ranked are referred to as Social playlists. Also, the higher-level menu that contains the Fireteam, Friends, and Recent menus. These menus are the main way to find and play with your friends and people you recently played with.
SPARTAN Genetically superior super soldiers in the unique Spartan military branch within the UNSC. The Master Chief and player characters in multiplayer games are types of Spartans.
SPLIT SCREEN When two or more players’ views are shown on the same screen by dividing it equally.
STANCE The pose a player can choose under Customization in the Spartan ID menu. It determines the stance of the player’s Spartan in the end-of-match screen, Social menu, on some main menu screens, and the profile.
TEAMS In player versus player modes, the players are often divided into two teams competing over a shared objective.
THEATER A feature in the Community menu where players can watch interactive replays of multiplayer games, including their own.
TICKET Support Tickets are the method by which 343 Industries tracks player-reported in-game issues. Halo Support Agents process and manage these tickets, and use them to share configuration details and data with 343 developers to improve our games. Tickets may also be submitted to Report a Player or Appeal an enforcement action.
USER GENERATED CONTENT UGCAny form of content, such as images, videos, text, and audio, shared by players on online platforms, in game chat, and in social forums or social media.
UNSC Short for “United Nations Space Command”, a military organzation containing branches for the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force and Spartan Operations.
WAYPOINT 1) A target location on an in-game map that indicates a goal or key activity. Halo games will often offer waypoints that are preset, and in Halo Infinite you may also set markers to select the next area or challenge you want to play.2) The website, HaloWaypoint.com is named for this feature because it serves as a key location for players to learn, engage and grow.
WEAPON DRILLS Weapon Drills allow players to choose a weapon and immediately begin a practice firing drill with that weapon. These drills are a good way to learn each weapon. Each attempt has a final score based on performance.
ZETA HALO One of the seven rings in the Halo Array and the location of the Halo Infinite campaign.
ZOOM Using a key or controller button to change the view when using weapons that lack a scope. Using the Zoom feature does not change weapon behavior.
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