Halo Infinite – Theatre Mode Guide

How to Take a Clip or Screenshot and Share It in Halo Infinite

There are two main ways to capture moments in Halo Infinite. Capturing through the built-in features of Xbox and through Theater mode. In Theater mode players can watch multiplayer films they have bookmarked, and watch films generated from their match history.  

Halo Infinite Theatre

Go to the Community menu to find Theatre. Through the Community menu you can view match replays, bookmark your favorites, and watch other people’s popular replays.

If you would like to preserve your Theatre films long term, we recommend you save them using Xbox capture or another digital video recording tool. Substantial updates, such as moving from Beta to full release, can reset your history and bookmarks or result in some films becoming deprecated due to changes in game content.

Xbox Capture on Xbox Consoles

Capture on Xbox consoles records up to 10 minutes on internal storage or up to 1 hour on external storage. Players can also record the last 30 seconds of gameplay, capturing video of an event after it happened. Both of these options are accessed via the Xbox button.  

The Xbox Game Bar app handles game captures on Windows 10 and later devices. By default:

  • Win button + Alt+PrintScreen: Take a screenshot of your game.
  • Win button + Alt + G: Record the last few moments of game play.

For a step-by-step guide, please go to Xbox Support’s Capture game clips and screenshots article. It covers the common questions, including how to:

  • Capture a clip or screenshot of something that just happened on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S
  • Record a clip of what’s going to happen next
  • Use Xbox Game Bar on a PC to capture game clips
  • Capture 4K HDR game clips and screenshots
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