Hammer Kid – 100% Full Achievement Walkthrough

Achievements will come like the hammer from the kid…

Complete Walkthrough Guide with Achievements


The fastest way to farm the achievements are repeating the first three levels. All the first three level have red gems, green jewels, food and coins to be collected. And snakes to be killed.

The first level is pretty straightforward. At the second level, you can get the hammer and it will be very useful to kill snakes more safely as you can press and release attack button to throw it. In the middle of the third level has a giant tree boss that will drop a boot that allows you to double jump. After you continue up, there’s a place to the left with a red gem and some green ones that to get out of there, you need a perfect double jump.

After completing the third level, quit to main screen, select to play again, leave the last save selected and press C key to delete the save. Start a new game and keep repeating until you get all the 10 achievements.


There are 3 red gems at each level and they are floating in the air.

Gem Hunter

  • Collect 10 Red Gems

Gem Collector

  • Collect 30 Red Gems

Gem Master

  • Collect 100 Red Gems

Each level has a different amount of green jewels. Level 1 has 25, level 2 has 16 and level 3 has 33. They are floating in the air like the red gems and can also be collect by jumping below some rocks with its icon.

Jewel Junter

  • Collect 50 Green Jewels

Jewel Collector

  • Collect 500 Green Jewels

Jewel Master

  • Collect 1500 Green Jewels

Kill the snakes by pressing attack button with or without your hammer.

Snake Killer

  • Kill 10 Snakes

A coin can be dropped from killed snakes, except from the ones at the first level. After the first level, there will be rocks with a sword icon. They will give you the hammer and if you already have, they can give a coin. Also, when you get a heart, try to avoid losing it as it’s one less drop from the rocks that isn’t necessary for the achievements.

Gold Digger

  • Collect 50 Coins

The same with coins applies to food.


  • Collect 100 Food

Reach the portal at the end of the level and hit E key to complete.


  • Complete the first level.
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