Hardspace: Shipbreaker – How to Obtain Ghost in the Ship Achievement

Ghost in the Ship Achievement Guide

All credit goes to 25rad!


  • You have to progress through game until you get clearance for ghost ships.
  • Inside ghost ships watch for helmet, usually in cockpit, won’t miss it.
  • These helmets will have audio logs, and uncover story about rogue AI.
  • On of these will be called “The Machin God”, when listening it start with words “Here is the machine. The Machine is God …”
  • You have to listen for the audio file in your hub (EMPLOYEE TERMINAL > DATA RECOVERY). You will get the achievement while listening for audio log.


  • Helmets don’t spawn in every ghost ship, so you will need to check quite a few of them.
  • No need to fully finish ghost ships, or destroy their nodes, enough to collect helmets.
  • If you miss the helmet or destroy it, it will spawn in next ghost ship.
  • You may listen to audio log upon picking helmet, but you will not get achievement, listen again in your hub.
  • If you already collected some helmets from ghost ships, check your data miner, you may have this log entry already, listen to it and you should have the achievement.

Log entry in Data Miner

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