Hardspace: Shipbreaker – How to Safely Depressurizing the Ship

There are some Heavy Cargo Geckos which cannot be depressurized due to a broken pressure regulator. This guide will show a strategy for safely depressurizing the ship.

Guide to Depressurizing a Cargo Gecko

All credit goes to olmc.acts!

Broken Regulator

The heavy cargo gecko sometimes has a broken pressure regulator in its main compartment. That means there is no way to evacuate the pressure cleanly. It is necessary to blow a whole somewhere in the craft. But in doing so, one often blows up the whole ship.

After a lot of experimentation, I found the following method to work very well.

Step 1

Turn off fuel lines using – whether using the key or the manual shut offs. It also helps to move any debris or asteroids to the side of the ship with tethers.

Step 2

Locate the two humps on either side of the gecko.

Step 3

Place explosive charges on the top of the humps. The charges should be on the horizontal plane, such that the explosive square runs off the edge of the slanted portion of the hump.

Step 4

Get to a safe distance and blow the charges.

Step 5

Get those pieces into the blue basket.


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