Hardspace: Shipbreaker – How to Safely Dismantle the Quasar Thrusters of the Atlas Class Ships

This quick guide explains how to access the emergency cut off switch without ever setting anything on fire.

Guide to Dismantle the Quasar Thrusters

Getting to the emergency shut off valve without setting anything on fire

This guide is for those who are interested in doing it this way, and who are qualified for working with coolant hazards. If you’re not interested, no need to say it. Thank you.

  1. Remove the nozzle as you always do and throw it into the barge.
  2. Grab one of the coolant canisters located next to the nozzle.
  3. Without letting go of the canister, smash it against the hull of the thruster.
  4. The canister is now leaking coolant. Place the canister next to the 4 fuel lines and freeze them (don’t worry, this will not damage anything).
  5. Make sure all four fuel lines are frozen next to their cutting points, then throw the coolant canister into the incinerator.
  6. Melt the four fuel lines’ cutting points with the stinger (unless one isn’t frozen anymore, in which case return to step 2).
  7. All four fuel lines are now safely cut, you can access the emergency cut off valve without the risk of getting burned.
  8. Profit.
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  1. I die about 80% of the time from physics bugs when I use the emergency cut off. So I uninstalled.

  2. OHHH thats so much safer, this whole time I thought you just had to cut as fast as possible and make a b line to the flush switch XD, now if only those fuel pumps didn’t have such weird hit boxes to explode…

  3. Not sure if this applies to the earlier atlas ships you start with, but the tug (With 4 thrusters) you can access the fuel on the front end with demo charges. Place them so you cut the cut point inside without hitting the fuel tanks inside. You might need upgrades to reduce the explosion radius as to not trigger anything, but you can remove the cover on the front if you cut those points and get access to the fuel tanks. Remove the fuel tanks and you can safely cut the fuel lines without fire. It’ll still give you the notice that the fuel is unstable, but no fire will shoot out.

  4. personally i just use the grapple to pull myself to the shut off fast enough to crack my helmet to save time XD
    i may or may not be an idiot

  5. Meh, i just dive into the tube when it’s on fire, faster and i can avoid the plumes of fire and get to flushing the fuel lines faster that way.

  6. This is so absurdly primitive and I love it. Bang a coolant canister on a big metal sheet and cool down the fuel pipes so you can cut it. Amazing!

  7. interesting idea. Ill have to give it a try. not sure if ive seen these ships have coolant off the top of my head. normally i just save the thrusters for last in case i blow em up. if this works out itll save me a lot of pain lol. thanks for the tip cutter!

  8. They won’t spawn with coolant until you’ve reached that rank, as far as I can see. The fire is really easy to dodge so far – just stay close to the wall in between the pipes. The flame jets have always been pointed toward the center of the crawlspace for me so far.

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