Have a Nice Death – Gordon Grimes Guide

A guide on how to dodge Gordon Grime’s attacks.

Definitive Guide to Gordon Grimes

All credit goes to Crevice; Abyssal Storm!


One of the two potential Sorrows in world 2 depending on what department is chosen, the other is Waldo in the Toxic Food department, Grimes is far less mobile than the others, only being able to be in three locations during the fight, he more than makes up for it with attacks that span the entire arena. As per usual, this guide will go over his attacks, how to most effectively dodge them, and some general tips that make the fight easier.

Movement Tips

Since I will be using a few terms that may or may not be what the techniques are called by most others, I will be storing them here (and I will put this is any future Have a Nice Death guides that I make).

  1. Upperslash

What I call the “upperslash” is one of the most important techniques when it comes to dodging. It is performed by doing an up attack, simple. The height can also be increased by jumping when performing the upperslash. This is useful when trying to get high into the air or to dodge attacks that cover the entire ground.

  1. Air combos

They have as much utility as they have combat, as they can be used to extend airtime. These are useful for lingering attacks or when there isn’t enough safe space to land.


Grimes has the least amount of attacks out of all the Sorrows, tying Brad with five unique attacks. Though the simple fact that all of them can hit Death nearly anywhere in the arena make up for the lack of variety.

All attacks present in phase 1 are also present in phase 2.

Disclaimer: The names of the attacks shown are not official and are what I call them.

Phase 1

Sludge Blast: Grimes will spit two volleys of sludge upwards in an arc, each projectile is affected by gravity. The easiest way to dodge this is to move to the opposite end of the arena from Grimes, going between the sludge from the first volley and hugging the wall for the second.

Sludge Punch: Grimes will punch in Death’s direction, with his reach spanning roughly three-quarters of the arena. This can be dodged by going to the quarter farthest from Grimes or going airborne by performing an upperslash.

Grounded Punch: Grimes will punch the ground, summoning four sets of hands that appear directly beneath Death, with the final set having three hands. This can be dodged by simply moving horizontally, and going airborne if Death hits a wall to turn around. In phase 2 the first three sets of hands will be the three hand sets and the final set will cover the entire bottom of the arena, which can be dodged with an upperslash.

Phase 2

Sludge Belch: Grimes will spit out several balls of sludge directly in front of him. This attack can only be performed directly after a sludge blast or sludge punch attack. Dodging this attack is as easy as dashing through it or performing an upperslash to go above it.

Sludge Rain: Grimes will move to the center of the arena and slam his fists on the ground that cause several balls of sludge to rain down from the ceiling. When this attack is initiated, most concentration should go to dodging the sludge as they fall in random positions, but not all at once.


Grimes can only appear at the edges of the arena during the fight, sometimes the middle. But occasionally at the start of the fight, he attacks before moving to one of the edges of the arena. This should be kept in mind when initiating the fight as it can catch most reapers off guard.

Grimes doesn’t move often, but is predictable. Setting up an Alistar where he will show up is a good way do massive damage when he pops up, even more so if its fury is used.

The End

Grimes is a predictable Sorrow, relatively speaking, but his reach spans nearly the entire arena, top included. With these traits, he is a challenge to reapers new and old, though not nearly as much as the next Sorrow in the series.

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