Have a Nice Death – How to Dodged the Natural Disaster Thanagers’ Attacks

A guide on how to dodged the Natural Disaster Thanagers’ attacks.

Guide to Dodged the Natural Disaster Thanagers’ Attacks

All credit goes to Crevice; Abyssal Storm!


A new department brings a new Thanager, and probably one of the most challenging ones to date. This guide will go over the attacks of Horace Sinistrocirrus, who is currently the only Thanager in the Natural Disasters department.

Movement Tips

Since I will be using a few terms that may or may not be what the techniques are called by most others, I will be storing them here.

  1. Upperslash

What I call the “upperslash” is one of the most important techniques when it comes to dodging. It is performed by doing an up attack, simple. The height can also be increased by jumping when performing the upperslash. This is useful when trying to get high into the air or to dodge attacks that cover the entire ground.

  1. Air combos

They have as much utility as they have combat, as they can be used to extend airtime. These are useful for lingering attacks or when there isn’t enough safe space to land.


All attacks mentioned are not the official names, and are what I call them.

Horace Sinistrocirrus


Thunder Fist: Horace will slam his fists into the ground four times, with the first two impacts being with one fist each and stay in one spot while the last two he smashes with both hands, tracking Death if he moves away. After each slam, Horace will summon a bolt of lightning on top of him, hitting Death if he is airborne and directly above the storm cloud. This can be dodged by dashing away from Horace when he positions himself above Death.

Song of the Storms: Horace will raise his voice four times, summoning lightning at Death’s position that gets more numerous with each summon. The first summon call down one bolt, the second three, the third five, and the fourth summons fourteen that move horizontally. This attack can be dodged by dashing towards Horace when he raises his voice and dashing to the far edge of the arena when he summons the fourth set of bolts.

Lightning Gun: Horace will fly near the top of the arena firing dozens of spheres of electricity at Death’s location. He will make three passes before he stops the attack. This can be dodged by moving to the edge of the arena, preferably in the opposite direction of where Horace is going, and dashing through the spheres once Death reaches the end.

Slam: Horace will slam into the middle of the arena, summoning lightning bolts on top of him. When he lands, a shockwave will appear near the sides of the arena. This can be dodged by moving towards the sides of the arena and jumping to avoid the shockwave.

Gigabolt: Horace will position himself over the middle of the arena before launching a lightning bolt that covers the entire floor of the arena in electricity. This can be dodged by going airborne by jumping or with an upperslash and stalling with an air combo until the floor is clear.

Thunder Clock: Horace will position himself over the middle of the arena before summoning six bolts of lighting, originating from him, that spin counter-clockwise across the arena, occasionally speeding up. Dodging this is as easy as hugging the left wall, following the bolts until the left wall is clear again, and then dashing through the bolt that is behind Death. Dashing towards the middle when on the right side can also work, though I find the wall method to be more consistent. Repeat this until the end of the attack the avoid damage.

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