Hearts of Iron IV – How to Win as Luxembourg

Winning Hearts of Iron IV as Luxembourg can be a challenging task, as Luxembourg is a small nation with limited resources and manpower. However, with a well-planned strategy, it is possible to achieve victory. Here are some steps you can follow.

Guide to Win as Luxembourg

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Join a Faction

Luxembourg is not strong enough to fight alone, so it’s important to join a faction as soon as possible. Joining a faction like the Allies or the Axis can provide you with additional military and economic support.

Focus on Industry

To be successful in the game, you need a strong industrial base. As Luxembourg, you have limited resources, so it’s important to prioritize the development of your industry. Build civilian factories and military factories to produce weapons, equipment, and infrastructure.

Build Up Your Army

Despite having limited resources, Luxembourg can still have a strong army. Train and equip your troops with basic equipment like infantry weapons, artillery, and support companies. Focus on building up your infantry divisions, as they will form the backbone of your army.

Secure Your Borders

Luxembourg is surrounded by larger nations, so it’s important to secure your borders to avoid invasion. Build forts and deploy troops along your borders to deter aggression from neighboring countries.

Participate in the War

As a small nation, you might not have the military power to make a significant impact on the war. However, you can still participate and support your allies by sending troops, providing resources, and performing other tasks.

Exploit Opportunities

In war, opportunities arise, and it’s important to exploit them to gain an advantage. Look for weak points in the enemy’s defense, and try to take advantage of them.

Be Patient

Winning Hearts of Iron IV as Luxembourg is not an easy task, and it will take time and patience. Don’t rush into battles without a plan, and be prepared to face setbacks along the way.

Good Luck!

By following these steps, you can increase your chances of winning Hearts of Iron IV as Luxembourg. Remember that the game is all about strategy, so be prepared to adapt your plans as the situation changes. Good luck!

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