Heavenly Bodies – Online Co-op

Simple guide on how to get online co-op!

How to Start Remote Play

For playing with a friend you need the friends list open on Steam.

If you have the game open you can now see a Blue Button, next to text saying “Invite Anyone To Play” that button is used to open the “Remote Play Menu” wich is needed.

Add a Friend

You have a copple of Options on how to invite the person!

Opt. 1

(You do not need to be the friend of the person you are trying to play with)

Copy link as showed in picture below and send to Friend.

Opt. 2

Right click a friend in your friend list and click invite to play.

Now In Game

Once in with both players select a Save or start a new one.

Select Local co-op.

Both players can now Press X/A to enable choose their character.


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