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For those who love teamwork, communication, and efficient defense.

Ultimate Defense Guide

All credit goes to Darth Bills!


Ideally, you want a minimum of a Squad Leader, Support and Engineer. Having other squad members with hammers and a Machine Gunner for defensive purposes.

Typically I choose the second point to amass a large fortress in the event that your offensive squads cannot take the third point or struggle to hold it.

What you want to do (after building nodes of course) is to have your engineer begin building defenses on the second point, have the Squad Leader constantly running a supply truck back and forth from HQ to the point.

Support constantly feeds supplies every 5 minutes, and assists with building. Pick a sector in or around the point, North/East/West (wherever you believe you’ll see the most action in the beginning.

Set up a bunker for your MG to defend, barricades nearby it to help hold it or get back to it if you face heavy resistance, and barbed wire to blockade certain hedges, streets or to redirect enemy traffic where you prefer them to go.

Engineer #2

Once the first engineer has placed everything possible, it’s ideal to have him switch with the support or another squad member to repeat this strategy. Other very helpful variables would include the commander spawning a secondary supply truck, and having another squad member run constant supplies. Also having a second defensive squad with an additional engineer would make for faster and larger defenses.

I often hear people complaining about defense, but my friends and I agree that it can be far more fun than offense when done right. Even smaller defensive squads can take down overwhelming forces if you funnel them into friendly MG fire, if you have armor support, or if you blockade nearly every entrance and make getting anywhere near the friendly point, hell on Earth.

This is just a summary of what I typically do and command my fellow squad mates to do during Warfare in Hell Let Loose, and in the best of situations, you’ll have upwards of 6 bunkers to cover every entrance and then some, up to 24 barricades, 24 barbed wires making it nearly impossible for enemies to approach the point, and you’ll also have mines set up, repair stations for friendly tanks and a massive support effectiveness score!

Anyone else do something similar? Any other advice you would offer to help newer and veteran players alike to amass a successful defense? I’d love to hear it!

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