HELLDIVERS – 80% of the Time, I Hit Every Time Achievement Guide

How to consistently get the “80% of the time, I hit every time” achievement, guaranteed.

How to Obtain 80% of the Time, I Hit Every Time Achievement

All credit goes to dchang0!

Getting Ready

This is a pretty straightforward but tedious achievement to get.

You must shoot 300 or more shots and achieve 80% or higher accuracy.

300 shots is quite a lot if you take your time to aim, which is why this is a tedious achievement.

Here’s how to prepare.

  1. Pick the easiest bug planet that is not a snow planet. This will be a solo mission. Bringing even a second HellDiver reduces the number of enemies you get to kill on your own, increasing the time you have to spend in mission.
  2. Pick any mission (they each have one objective–it doesn’t matter what type of objective you get, but Capture the Flag is easiest).
  3. Bring the following:
  • Double Freedom (upgrade level does not matter).
  • Slowing strategems*: two Static Field Conductors.
  • One Angel or SH-20 Shield.
  • One Resupply.
  1. Pick Strategem Priority as your perk.


You can use other strategems as your slowing strategems, but they have distinct shortcomings compared to the Static Field Conductors. Here are the pros and cons of each. I assume they are each maxed out upgraded.

Two Static Field Conductors

These cover a medium area and have no limit on the number of uses. The downside is that they don’t last very long.

Two Anti-Personnel Barriers

These last a lot longer than the Static Field Conductors, but it is possible for the enemies to spawn on the same side of the razor wire as you, meaning they will not slow these enemies. Also, there is a limit to how many of these you can use. If you take too long to perform this strategy, you might run out of them. Where these shine is during the extraction, but will you have any left over for the extraction?

Two Airdropped Stun Mines

These cover a much larger area than the Static Field Conductors, but because the enemies destroy them as they trigger the mines, these wear out very fast and need to be replenished often. Combined with the limited number of uses, you have to be careful to manage these.

The Strategy in Action

First, get the Angel or SH-20 Shield backpack. This is your safety net in case some of the enemies manage to get past your slowing strategem to hit you.

Find a corridor or corner where enemies can only come from two directions. If the objective is Capture the Flag and you get a Flag where the enemies can only come from two directions, great! You will be able to accomplish this strategy while also capturing the Flag. If not, leave the objective for later–it is more important to be able to restrict enemies to two directions for now.

Throw your Static Field, Anti-Personnel Barrier, or Airdropped Stun Mines in those two directions with enough room in the middle to move around. The idea is to slow down any enemies so that they don’t overrun you.

Throw a Resupply near you without dropping it on yourself, and grab one to max out your ammo to 64 reloads.

Wait for some bug scouts to show up, and let them trigger the alarm. This will cause a swarm from that direction, but the swarm should get bogged down by your slowing strategem, unless they happen to spawn where they bypass the slowing strategem.

Kill the enemies very carefully. You need to shoot only one shell out of the double-barrel Double Freedom shotgun at a time by quickly tapping the trigger button and letting go immediately, and each shot must kill an enemy. You can easily ruin your Accuracy score by pressing and holding the trigger too long, causing a double-barrel shot that only kills enemies on the first shell and hits empty space with the second shell.

The point is to slow the swarms down to where you can carefully aim and carefully kill one enemy with each shot to keep your Accuracy score up above 80%. Actually, during this part of the mission, you will want to try to achieve 100% Accuracy to give yourself some leeway for the rest of the mission.

The Angel will heal you or the SH-20 Shield will protect you if a bug scout gets close to you and starts to hit you, so don’t panic and start blasting double-barrel blasts. Take your time and squeeze off just one shell at a time.

Keep renewing your slowing strategems in both directions and try to only trigger swarms from one direction at a time. This is where the Strategem Priority perk matters–you will often find that the slowing strategems wear out just when you need to throw another one.

Repeat this for a while. The key here is to count the number of Resupplies you use. The max ammo you can carry is 64 reloads, with each reload containing two shells. For 300 enemies, you would need 300 / (2 * 64) = 2.34 Resupplies. Might as well round up to 3 full Resupplies.

So, after you have killed enough swarms, one bug = one shot, for 3 full Resupplies, go complete the one objective if you haven’t already (mind your Accuracy!), then Extract. The extraction can be tough because you probably will have enemies coming from at least three, possibly four directions. Do your best to keep your Accuracy score above 80%. Definitely use the slowing strategems if you have any left.

The Achievement will be unlocked after the mission results screen.

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