Hero’s Hour – Recruiting Explanatory Guide

How Does Recruiting Work

You build structures corresponding to units they produce. At week’s end they produce their allotment. Different structures can boost the numbers per week. Sometimes as you upgrade a city you will get a choice on which units you would like to apply an additional boost to.

Each city operates as its own generating entity.

So you want to try to have plenty of resources available for army purchasing just as the week ends.

Available troops only spawn on day 1. So yeah weekly.

It shows the amount spawned per week / amount available in the recruit screen.

No, they do not automatically increase the maximum over times. It’s only increased by certain events:

  • Building related structures that increase it (forts/citadels/etc).
  • Reaching a higher town level, and selecting the appropriate units weekly increase ability.
  • Recruitment skill some heroes get (forget the name of it).

Keep in mind when you unlock a particular unit, you get there normal full allotment available to recruit instantly. So can be nice to do so on day 7, so the next day you can get another alotment, so dobule the amount.

Or alternatively build the fort on day 7, so you get its effects the very next day. Building it on any other day just wastes resources that wont get you anything until day 1 of the following week. (Though make sure you unlock its prereqs in the leading days)

Ideally most games you should be unlocking the fort on exactly day 7 of the first week, and earlier days unlocking units. Some games you wont have the resources to unlock many, but in general you should be able to get the fort week 1.

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