High On Life – 9-Torg Boss Guide

Guide to 9-Torg Boss


  • Location: Blim City, Nova Sanctus.
  • Bounty: 1000 Pesos.

9-Torg is a boss enemy in High On Life. She is a mantis-like creature. The number in her name represents age meaning the higher it gets the older the Torg is. There are many different Torgs and she is just one of them. According to the fisherman that is encountered in Slums Torgs are in a constant fight with each other to rule the Slums. She is the first bounty that is accepted.


You encounter 9-Torg in the depts of the Slums where she is a cylindrical room filled with poisonous water on a platform. You will hear talking to 5-Torg that is tied to a rope hanging. As you enter the room boss fight will begin. After defeating 9-Torg you will collect her mandible with the use of Knifey. You will get a change to talk to 5-Torg and can decide if you want to kill her or keep her alive.


  • Split Shot: 9-Torg will shoot three projectiles that travel slowly in a spread pattern.
  • Melee Attack: 9-Torg will attack from above if you get too close to her.
  • Dive and fly: 9-Torg will dive in the the water. After a short delay one of the platforms will start shaking indicating she will appear from underneath it. As she emerges the platform will break and she will shoot a laser beam.
  • Laser Beam: 9-Tork will shoot a laser beamed aimed at your location that goes from side to side or top to bottom.
  • Blast shot: 9-Torg will shoot a huge projectile that will slowly travel your way.
  • Level rise: In between stages of the fight the platforms will disappear forcing you to tether to objects to stay alive. This will trigger twice at 60 and 30 percent health.
  • Death spin: This will trigger if you end up killing 9-Torg. She will go into a suicide mode where she will release all her energy to shoot a pink laser when he is constantly spinning around. This move is deadly if you get hit by it and she will continue until she released all her energy.

How to Fight

As fight starts try to keep her at distance since her shots spread and move slowly making it easier to dodge. As she goes in to the water keep an eye out on the shaking platforms and do not stay on them. When she emerges jump over the laser while shooting at her. It is important to note that she becomes a very easy target when shooting the laser. When waters start to rise, which will happen when she goes lower than 60 percent, make sure to tether on to the wasps keeping yourself away from water. At second stage notable things that change are she starts emerging from different platforms other than corner ones and she will start using Blast Shot. In the last 30 percent make sure to use Kenny’s ability to keep her stunned and finish her off.

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