High On Life – Infinite Warp Crystals Exploit

Please note: All credit goes to GCD!

I don’t know if this’ll get fixed later on but you can get Infinite Warp Crystals right now.

Infinite Warp Crystals

How to Get the Warp Crystals

You need Knifey for this guide.

First you need to go to your house and head to the portal.

Warp to this exact location (Zephyr Paradise -> Upper Valley).

You’ll need to go this place in the picture, get there by using the hook from Knifey but the crystal will be locked for now (There will be some enemies the first time you go there).

Go spend about 5 seconds listening to these two ♥♥♥ on the river and go back to the crystal.

The crystal will now be unlocked and ready for you to pick up.

Keep going back and forth to your house and Upper Valley and the crystal will keep respawning very close to you.

Hope you found this guide helpful.

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  1. when emey waprs in, kill them all, and taake the crystal, walk aawayy , andd go back, theere shou0ld be another to take; repeat for unlimited

  2. I don’t even think you have to go back and forth in that paradise level there’s a spot where if just die in the slime it comes back for some reason lol

  3. Pretty sure some warp bases respawn infinitely anyway, at least there are a few in Zephyr Paradise that have come back with crystals twice for me.

    • I believe it’s a bug as it shouldn’t be that way and the amount of crystals spread around the game are countable, but this one is the fastest location to get as much as you need for all of them.

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