High On Life – Krubis Boss Guide

Guide to Krubis Boss

  • Location: Zephyr Paradise
  • Bounty: 1500 Pesos
  • Unlock By: Complete Bounty: 9-Torg Mission


Krubis is a boss enemy in High On Life. He is a cyborg-like creature.


You encounter Krubis in Bounty: Krubis mission.


  • Shotgun Shots: Krubis will chase you and fire shotgun shells in your direction.
  • Melee Attack: If Krubis gets close enough he will hit you with his drill.
  • Diggin around: Krubis will dive in the the ground and pop-out from somewhere else.
  • Minion Spawn: When Krubis is at 2/3 and 1/3 of his hp, he will spawn minions to help him.
  • Disk Throw: Krubis will bouncing burning disks at the player that can be deflected.
  • Head Drill: When Krubis has low hp, he will dive in the the ground and attack the player coming from ground and above. Before his attack, attack position is marked with laser.

How to Fight

As fight starts try to keep him at distance as he will try to charge you with his shotgun. When he uses his disk attack, try to deflect it using Knifey. When the minions spawn, focus on the minions first. When Krubis start his Head Drill attack, be on the move using Knifey’s Tether ability.

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