HITMAN 3 – How to Transfer Your Hitman 2 Data

This guide will show you how to transfer your Hitman 2 data to new game.

Guide to Transfer Hitman 2 Data (Even If You Already Transferred to Epic)


Note: Steps 1-2 can be skipped if you already have a IOI account and have logged them into Hitman 2.

  1. Make a IOI account here.
  2. Start up Hitman 2 and log in on the menu.
  3. Open Hitman 3 and log in.
  4. Go to this page and start carryover process.
  5. Go through steps on website and make sure to make steam both the source and target account.
  6. Enjoy your Hitman 2 progress in 3.
Written by JBAR


  1. as others have said – it works, minus escalations + stories. beats having to unlock everything again though.

  2. Thanks!

    Too bad it’s far from everything is synced though. i had 100% for everything in h2 including h1 maps, except one single achievement in Colorado.
    Most maps are now like 75%-80% of completion in Hitman 3 after sync. Vast majority of achievements/feats are still there luckily, so it’s still better than nothing.

  3. i figured – escalations and mission stories were not transferred. most of the “stories” are fairly quick to completed, but escalations will take quite some time. i guess a playing time bonus 😀

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