HITMAN 3 – VR Basics

This is a guide for VR players. It covers movement, object interaction, and other basics. Testing was done with a Reverb G2 but the button mapping should be similar with Index or Rift.

Movement (Analog and 1:1)

If you’re a standing player you might want to turn on head-based movement direction to make moving with the left analog stick more intuitive. You can enable it in Options -> VR Comfort. Note: Head-based movement direction will not apply to sprinting (hold left grip to sprint).

The game does not have roomscale support so you’ll need to stay inside of the Hitman character at room center. If you move your head too far you won’t be able to grab objects from your chest holster or interact with the virtual environment.

You can re-center by clicking the left analog stick. This can help to correct your in-game standing height or change your room center position.

Inventory and Using Weapons

Open the inventory with the Y button (top button on left controller), highlight an item with the left analog stick, then hold right grip to grab the object.

Hold an object near your chest then release right grip to place the object in the holster sphere. You can then grab it again quickly when you need it.

While holding a pistol press B (top button on right controller) to reload it.

Hold right trigger to ready a weapon (knife, scissors, screwdriver, etc) before stabbing with it.

Takedowns and Dragging Bodies

Hold both triggers to make fists. You can then punch a character a few times to knock them out.

To perform a choke get close behind a character and hold your hands near their neck. When you see your hands go into a grip pose hold both triggers until the character passes out.

Hold right grip to drag a body. While dragging near a crate you can dump the body by pressing the B button. Dragging bodies forces artificial crouch, click the right analog stick to stand up.

Throwing and Creating Distractions

While gripping an object hold left trigger to activate throw mode. Aim the arc with the left controller, make a throwing motion with your right controller, and quickly release right grip to throw. If a thrown coin lands near someone they’ll walk over to investigate.

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