Hogwarts Legacy – Comprehensive Guide to Secret Animal Door

Wanna open secret animal door? Its easy just do as screenshots say and you will open them too.

Definitive Secret Animal Door Guide

First. Go Here

You need to find this Floo Flame on map and go there.

Find This Room

Now that you found Floo flame go on that wooden platform and take take first turn to right (second left if you want) and you will see this door.

Loot Me

There you will see this box.

She wants to be looted so do it.

Cheatsheet for Door

Now that you looted her you just got a cheatsheet for door.

How Does It Work?

You want to have a total number that is in middle of triangle.

To find what number you need go to door and press F or R “revelio spell” and you will see two triange.

One pointing up and one down.

You need to find matching buttons on wall and roll what number you need to add to get that total numer you want.

Thanks to Cheatsheet you know what number is that animal and now you just need to find same triangl and add that number that is missing to that final number.

Just like this.

You Dont Need to Find It to Open Doors So Here It Is


  1. I totally guessed it was numerically around the frame- then struggled for so long before I found that sheet because it didn’t click it started at 0

  2. Was about to write a guide to the doors, but I couldnt have done it better than yours so have an upvote. 🙂
    (As a sidenote, I noticed you do get a copy of the animals page in your inventory called “Arithmancy Study Guide Page” if anyone ever needs to check it in-game and cant access this guide.)

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