Hogwarts Legacy – Guide to a Perfectly Placed Room

The most efficient setup for a Room. This is purely for efficiency with little thought for aesthetics.

What You Will Need

All of these can be purchased from ‘Tomes and Scrolls’ in Hogsmeade or are obtained during the Main Story. The exception is the Moonstones which you will find spread throughout the game though you can also get a lot by using Evanesco on all the randomly placed furniture in the room.

  • Material Refiner
  • Hopping Pots
  • T-Shaped Potion Table
  • Dung Composter
  • Potting Table with 5 Small Pots
  • Potting Table with 3 Medium Pots
  • Potting Table with 2 Large Pots
  • Desk of Description
  • Enchanted Loom
  • x315 Moonstones

How It Should Be Placed

I will simply show off the looks here and will explain in the next section.

Why It’s Placed That Way

x3 Hopping Pots by the entrance with the Desk of Description next to them. This gives you quick access to them when you enter in.

Next, on the other side you have x3 Material Refiners for tons of Moonstones and this should be the second purchase you make after the Hopping Pots as you will need lots of Moonstones for this setup. Next to them you have x3 Dung Composters which will be providing you fertilizer.

Everything so far is super quick and easy access so that you can collect it every time you enter the room.

x2 T-Shaped Potion Tables are placed sideways so that you can access both tables from the front and scroll through the potion options. This lets you quickly create Wiggenwald Potions and, if making other potions, lets you access them again as you make your way around the room.

x1 Potting Table with 5 Small Pots and x1 Potting Table with 3 Medium Pots is placed in one corner diagonally so that you can access 1 pot on each. You are able to cycle through the pots so you don’t need access to every one. x2 Potting Table with 2 Large Pots is placed in the adjacent corner.

The reason for so few tables is that you can quickly craft 6 potions you need without much time wasted. You can even leave longer-brewing potions on the table for quick pickup next time you come in. As for the plants, if you use fertilizer than you can quickly get x6 of any combat plant per pot for x30 Mandrakes, x18 Cabbages and x24 Venomous Tentacula, which is more than you can carry thus leaving you with room for other plants should you like.

Finally a Loom in the least accessible corner because you won’t need it all the time and if you do need it then the extra seconds won’t matter much.

My personal order of purchasing would be

  • Hopping Pot
  • Material Refiner
  • Dung Composter
  • Medium Potting Table
  • Large Potting Table
  • Small Potting Table
  • Potion Table
Written by Athrek


  1. I’m sure that’s very efficient but I personally would rather have a pretty looking place where I might have to walk 5 feet to get to the next station over an ugly looking place that might require less inputs and in-between time between stations any day, no offense.

  2. There’s a quest you’ll get later on that will make it bigger. This set-up is designed with the larger room in mind.

    You *can* fit all the stations mentioned here in the smaller room though, it’s just rather cramped.

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