Hogwarts Legacy – Relationships / Quest List

Relationships Achievements / Trophies

A relationship line may be completed by completing all of the sidequests involving the three characters listed below:

The Avenging Gazelle Achievement / Trophy

Complete Natsai Onai’s relationship line (7 quests)

  1. The Lost Child
  2. A Basis for Blackmail
  3. Mum’s the Word
  4. Grief and Vengeance
  5. Finding Focus
  6. Harlow’s Last Stand
  7. Acting On Instinct

Beast Friends Achievement / Trophy

Complete Poppy Sweeting’s relationship line (7 quests)

  1. A Dragon Debrief
  2. Poached Egg
  3. Surprise Meeting
  4. The Centaur and the Stone
  5. It’s in the Stars
  6. A Bird in the Hand
  7. Poppy Blooms

A Sallow Grave Achievement / Trophy

Complete Sebastian Sallow’s relationship line (9 quests)

  1. In the Shadow of the Bloodline
  2. In the Shadow of the Study
  3. In the Shadow of Discovery
  4. In the Shadow of Time
  5. In the Shadow o Distance
  6. In the Shadow of Hope
  7. In the Shadow of the Relic
  8. In the Shadow of Fate
  9. In the Shadow of Friendship

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