Hollow Knight – Absolute Radiance Tips

Are you having trouble defeating Absolute Radiance? Is your little brain too small to experiment with charms yourself? Well have you come to the right place where you can listen to someone who just beat P5 two days ago!

Tips to Defeat Abs Rad


So the charms I used for my P5 run of PV and Abs Rad were as followed:

  • Unbreakable Strength
  • Quick Slash
  • Longnail
  • Lifeblood Core

This is in comparison to my plan, which was:

  • Strength
  • Quick Slash
  • Unbreakable Life
  • Lifeblood Core

Now, something I didnt realize, Core is useless. Just take Life. It gives you an extra hit, making this a lot more bearable. Strength and Slash make the third and last phase a lot more bearable, and Longnail just helps in general to hit her.


So, you managed to make it through every other boss (or pressed a few buttons in the hall of gods). Good job!

Anyway, ripped directly from the wiki:

  • Beam Burst: Absolute Radiance fires near instantaneous sets of beams fired back to back.
  • Sword Burst: Absolute Radiance now summons two sets of swords instead of one, the second is rotated from the first.
  • Sword Rain: Absolute Radiance’s swords fall faster and at a shorter interval in Phases 1 and 2. Sword fall speed is the same in Phase 3 but the interval is slightly shorter.
  • Sword Wall: Absolute Radiance’s swords travel faster but only in 3 sets in Phases 1 and 2. Sword speed and total sets are the same as the Radiance’s during Phase 4.
  • Wall of Light: Absolute Radiance’s wall travels faster.
  • Orb: The colour and visuals of the orbs are more vibrant, they travel twice as fast, and take much tighter turns to home in onto the Knight. Absolute Radiance summons these about 1 second apart. She summons 3 to 4 of these orbs.
  • Spike Floor: Absolute Radiance’s spikes spawn every 6 to 8 seconds in Phase 2. They are constant in Phase 3.
  • Big Beam: The beam is slightly thinner and becomes dangerous within half a second. The beams also come every 1 second with each beam starting just as the last one ends.
  • Orb Barrage: The only new attack features slower orbs but are constantly fired every 2 seconds. These orbs behave much more like the Radiance’s orbs and disappear if lead off-screen. This attack is only used in Phase 6.

Note that you can only understand this if you’ve fought a good amount of regular Radiance, if you havent then get out.


  • Orbs: While forming, go towards them. If already chasing you down, jump over and lead them into the ground or shadow dash into them.
  • Sword Rain: Do not try to hit Abs rad unless she is directly above you, you can go in between them but it is better to go to the large gaps.
  • Sword Wall: Again, dont try to hit. If you can stay on the ground, do it. If not, dash through one of the big gaps.
  • Beam Burst: Sidestep slightly to avoid.
  • Sword Bust: When close, sidestep the the side once the first round has gone as they are offset from each other.
  • Wall of Light: Obviously, shadow dash. If you cant or dont want to, then dive, it gives you temp i frames once you actually go down and land.
  • Spike Floor: Its area denial, either walk into them or dive to get rid of them for a bit. Otherwise, just dont walk there. They only deal on damage so if its a choice between that or an attack, take that.

Thanks for Reading!

This guide doesnt cover the phases very well, and I cant really be bothered to fix it. This is mostly meant to help those in the 1-4 phases. Nothing is better than practice, it took me I think 6 hours of practice to get her down in P5. Everything here is subjective and only really good for people who play like me. Dont let my pessimism that has probably gotten into this guide bring you down, it always seems impossible until you try. I’ve done everything there is to do in this game in vanilla, and I used to think that Failed Champ was hard.

Written by GamingGoose

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