HoloCure – Save the Fans! – How to Re-Enable Screenshots in the Game

A simple guide to allow screenshots once again. This will however stop tracking Steam achievements and you need to undo the fix and relaunch the game to get them again. Your game will still track your achievements though, just not the Steam ones. Hopefully this gets properly fixed without using this janky method. I just wanted to take screenshots in-game.

Guide to Re-Enable Screenshots in the Game


Have you encountered something really interesting in-game, pressed F12 and learned that screenshots aren’t working in this game? Worry not, I shall teach you a quick and easy fix for this.


Step 1

Locate your Steam HoloCure game folder. Right click HoloCure on Steam, go to properties -> Installed Files -> click on browse and a window should pop up opening the game folder.

Step 2

Rename steam_api64.dll into something else (I used “(eh)steam_api64.dll”).

Step 3

Open up the game or re-open up the game if you did this while it was running. Press F12 and enjoy the Steam screenshot feature once again.


This will stop your Steam achievements from being tracked but your in-game achievements will still remain. To get Steam achievements just rename the dll file to “steam_api64.dll ” again and your Steam achievements will appear when you relaunch the game. Yes, I know it’s very janky and I do hope it gets fixed very soon since it’s one of the very few games that this occurs. Such a shame too since there are so many screenshots I want to take and upload to Steam for future documentation.

Sample Screenshot:

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  1. I just tried to copypaste steam_api64.dll from another game (was FFXII in my case) and I can take screenshots with that. Can’t tell yet if achievements are paused or not.

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