Honkai: Star Rail – Boulder Town Super Featherweight Guide / Walkthrough

Boulder Town Super Featherweight

My Round 1: Sampi (totally not Sampo)

How to clear: Use Seele, she clears all 5 without needing another character to switch in. All the enemies are one hit killed (on my side) so any other characters will work too!

My Round 2: Maniacal Fans of Silvermane Guards

How to clear: Seele too. But Clara/Physical MC or Herta would be good too. I didn’t try, but Herta would be really op due to these essentially being mob waves and her being an AoE character. Any built characters should be okay.

My Round 3: Overflowing Love

How to clear: Use Wind dps such as Dan Heng. Asta break is also op, not sure if I had buffs on.

My Round 4: Lost Fragmentum Creature

How to clear: Use characters of Wind and Fire. Seele is also good but not necessary. A lightning dps (like the trial character) would be good too.

I didn’t read the descriptions, but it seems they made break op…

Anyway here’s proof I beat it.

And more proof that I got it.

Good luck on your pulls!

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