Honkai: Star Rail – Collecting Jades Effectively

Here’s a guide to help you collect jades effectively!

How to Collect Jades Effectively

  1. Complete Story Chapters:

Completing story chapters in Honkai Star Rail is a great way to earn jades. Each chapter you complete will give you a reward of jades, so make sure you play through the story mode regularly.

  1. Participate in Events:

Events in Honkai Star Rail can offer a variety of rewards, including jades. Make sure you participate in events as often as possible to earn these rewards. Some events may require specific tasks or challenges to complete, so make sure you read the event details carefully to maximize your rewards.

  1. Complete Daily Missions:

Completing daily missions is another great way to earn jades. These missions can be found under the Daily tab in the Quests menu. Completing all of the daily missions will give you a reward of jades, so make sure you check this section regularly.

  1. Use Codes:

Codes can be obtained through various events and activities in Honkai Star Rail. You can redeem them in-game or on the official website. Make sure you keep an eye out for these coupons and use them to get extra jades.

  1. Collect Chests:

You can see the number of chests in each region on the map in the top left corner.

  1. Solve Puzzles:

There is one repeating daily puzzle in Jarilo and three in The Xianzhou Luofu. (They repeat for 3 days.) Another puzzle is Hexanexus puzzle which resets with a higher difficulty once after you solve all of the cubes.

  1. Clear Simulated Universe:

Obtain jades from first time clear rewards, collecting blessings and curios.

  1. Clear Forgotten Hall:

You get jades according to the amount of stars you’re able to get. Once you finish the initial 15 stages you unlock weekly stages that reset.

In conclusion, collecting jades in Honkai Star Rail requires consistent effort and participation in various activities. By completing story chapters, participating in events, completing daily missions, using jade coupons, and running around the map you can collect jades effectively and progress through the game. Good luck!

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