Honkai: Star Rail – Fighting The Doomsday Beast (Tips & Tricks)

Tips & Tricks

  • When you fight the doomsday beast you should get characters that target the doomsdays beast weakness’s.
  • When fighting you should use your combat energy wisely, or else you will be stuck with a single target attack.
  • I recommend using a support for you’re whole team, like Asta. (Her ult)
  • When entering the battle you should be aware that the doomsday beast has 3 targets.It’s hands and its stomach.
  • Don’t forget to level up your characters, and their lightcones before entering battle!
  • If possible eat consumables in your bag, this will give you a buff in battle.

In this photo you can see the targets that your aiming for. There is not one; but three!

This attack is deals a lot of damage so make sure to have a defense buff (like March 7th)

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