Honkai: Star Rail – Free Gift from The Fountain

Free Gift from The Fountain (Not The Fishing, But Coin Throwing)

I’m sure you have interacted with this humble fountain. And gotten this response.

But there is Treasure to be had!

After tossing about 160/170 coins (you can check by counting with the prompt), you will get this message.

Lol. Anyway, keep tossing coins and you will get a special interaction that gives you one Silvermane badge. I, well, forgot to take a screenshot, but this is the proof.

This is the message that shows after you have obtained the free coin from the fountain.

This fountain is located in the Administrative District in Belobog. Also, fishing from it gives items as well, but it requires 1 Praise of High Morals.

I feel like I got something good from it already but I can’t remember. In any case, this is what I got.

You can do this one repeatedly as long as you have more Praise of High Morals.

Good luck on your pulls, and remember to stay happy and stay cursed!

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