Honkai: Star Rail – Guide: Character Details, Light Cones, Relics


Players see this tab by default when entering the character screen. This contains general details about the selected character, like their name, Path, Stats, Skills, equipped Light Cone, and more.

The visible stats include things such as their HP, ATK, DEF, Speed, Crit Rate, and Crit DMG. These are all stats that affect your character during battles. The player can also select More Stats, which goes into more detail about the character’s stats and how many bonus stats they have.

Players can also click on the Skill tab beside Stats to get a glance at the character’s Active and Passive skills. All Characters have five skills:

  • Basic ATK: The character’s basic attack. Players use this to gain Skill Points in battle.
  • Skill: The character’s special battle skill. These require Skill Points to use in battle.
  • Talent: The character’s passive skill. These activate under specific circumstances.
  • Technique: The character’s exploration skill. These are usable while exploring the overworld.
  • Ultimate: The character’s Ultimate battle skill. These have varying effects depending on the character.

Players can click on each of these skills to read what they do.

Light Cone

The Light Cone is your character’s “Weapon” in Honkai: Star Rail, and is one of their main sources of stats. Each Light Cone gives the character a certain amount of HP, ATK, and DEF. It will also give the character a Passive Ability, which empowers them in various ways.

This includes strengthening shields and heals, increasing the Character’s ATK or Crit Rate, and more. These Light Cones can be leveled up to provide more stats and can be Superimposed with copies of themselves to improve the Passive Ability.The Light Cone must match the Character’s Path for it to be equipped to them.


Traces are where the player can improve a character’s skills, as well as give them various stat buffs. It functions similarly to a skill tree, where players must buy previous nodes on the tree before going to the next ones.

Upgrading this is important, as improved numbers are always good in an RPG. The player will unlock more upgrades on the Traces as they ascend the Character more.


The “Artifacts” of Honkai: Star Rail, Relics improve various stats on your Character. Other than the usual HP, ATK, and DEF that you get from Light Cones, the Character can also receive additional stats on their Crit rate and Damage, outgoing healing, Break Effect, and more.

Not only that, but Relics have a Set Effect, which normally activates when you have either two or four of the same relic set equipped.

This gives the Character powerful passive abilities, such as improved healing, increased shield strength, and more.Alongside Relics are the Planar Ornaments, consisting of a Planar Sphere and a Link Rope, which are similar to Relics but only have a max of two per set.

These also have their own set bonus. This means can have a maximum of three sets of bonuses: Up to two from Relics, and one from the Planar Ornaments. Players can farm relics from Caverns of Corrosion. Caverns of Corrosion are this game’s version of Genshin Impact’s Artifact domains. Planar Ornaments, on the other hand, can be found from the Simulated Universe.


Eidolons are similar to the Constellations of Genshin Impact and are improved by getting multiple copies of a character. The second to the seventh copy of a Character rewards the player with that player’s Eidolon, which they can then use to upgrade it.

The Eidolons give strong buffs to the Character, such as improved damage on their skills, additional effects on their Ultimate, or even on their basic attacks.

You must, however, activate the Eidolons in sequence. This means you can’t just jump to the powerful Eidolons in the end.

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