Honkai: Star Rail – Hidden Outworlder Achievement Guide

How to Obtain Secret Outworlder Achievement

I was just passing by Rivet Town, searching for destructible objects when a monologue suddenly pop up.

I looked around but no one there. Until i catch a glimpse of light in front of window behind me.

It was only a normal conversation, we need to give her ‘Dirty bell’ that we got from warp trotter in this town. At first it was normal. But IT IS HSR SO…

My heart skip a beat when the music suddenly changed. Sigh, I’m a scaredy cat, what can I say. I have yet doing The Twins hidden quest in Goethe hotel because of this exact reason…

Anyway, you got a broken music box after that. And you need to give it to a girl, her big sister. I forget to SS, but she was there…

After you returned the music box, you will get Outworlder achievement.

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