Honkai: Star Rail – Hunting for Relic XP and Credits!


This is my guide to easily farming the Simulated Universe with The Hunt path (which for many will allow you to even auto battle to victory).

This is not for people starting out initially, I think those games generally depend more on characters and builds before you start working the Ability Tree.

Speaking of the Ability Tree, this guide will assume that you at least have Resonance Formation II. (It can be done with I but it loses a lot of the ease of power grind)

As for team, you can do this with any reasonable DPS (Best for Single Target, especially one that prioritizes ATK instead of other stats because The Hunt Resonance is based on the highest ATK on your team), as well as Natasha, Fire MC, and March 7th.

The core plan of this strategy is using The Hunt Path Resonance to trivialize fights. You do this by prioritizing Blessing Collection (Hunt) > Cosmic Fragment Generation (Early) > Synergistic Non-Hunt Blessings ≥ Final Fight Curios > Cosmic Fragment Generation (Late)

Then, for many of the last bosses, you basically ignore their mechanics (the only boss this isn’t really usable on is Kafka), and breeze through to a win based on the two Resonances “Bow and Arrow” and “Perfect Aim”

For Worlds 3, 4, and 6 – their final bosses aren’t scary on their own. It’s the guards (3), Hands (4), and Ice Crystals (6) that are truly scary. That and their soft enrage mechanics.

The Hunt takes care of both. Bow and Arrow boosts the damage when the adds are low health AND replenishes your Resonance if you take down two adds (which is in most worlds), and Perfect Aim lets you chamber multiple uses if you don’t have enough attack yet.

Also, an awesome interaction between the two Resonance Formations is that when you max to 200 energy instead of 100, killing one add gives you a full Resonance charge and killing two gives you two of them. Bow and Arrow works on 50% of the total you can have, meaning if your total doubles, how much you get back doubles as well.

This path allows you to easily get past enrage timers as well. Take a look at the dmg it can do:

This was on an UNLUCKY run where I didn’t get enough Hunt Blessings. And one resonance did 13% of his health bar OUTSIDE the 50% execute range.

Combat Patterns

So the way you want to go about combat vs. bosses and Elites is to hold your Path Resonance until you can kill adds and get the free procs and advantages like in the pictures above.

Between Modules that blow you up, Fragments that buff the Elites, and just generally ads that do damage, waiting for the right moment stops you from taking tons of damage/being CCd/giving you actual advantages in some cases. It also means that you get free Resonance charges that do more damage over time anyway and help you beat soft enrages.

Basically, play as you normally would, maybe more cautiously than usual so you don’t die, and let the Path Resonance win the fights for you by killing adds AND the boss.

There are a few situations where you can actually use an extra proc on weak adds, but not doing so only slows your run down a bit, it doesn’t hold you back from finishing it. (For instance, on Svarog, I can use my first of two Path Resonance in the first phase because my Resonance one shots the small adds, letting me get two free procs from just one use).

You’ll get used to health thresholds the more runs you take, but remember, if you get more ATK on your highest ATK character it will increase the damage. Also, with Bow and Arrow, below 50% you’ll double your Resonance damage, so if your first proc sends them from 100% to 60% your second will actually kill them (100 to 60 is 40, 60 to 50 is 10, then you double the remaining 30 for 60%).

Choices Along The Way

Now, let’s talk about choices.

For instance, take this Trailblazer Curio choice. (Always go Curio for Trailblazer, it leads to the most cosmic Fragments over the course of a run)

I would take the Discord, because in the course of a run, it will make fragments, while the other two which technically involve battle or between battles, do nothing/almost nothing in the final fight. The first three turns of a final fight barely matter, and the other fights are fairly trivial using this strategy.

Then we look at blessings. Always reset them if you don’t get Hunt options. The ONLY exceptions are on three star blessings if you have them all already for Hunt, or if it’s the last 1 or 2 zones of a run and you WONT get to the next resonance level/you have max resonance level. For example:

Suspiria is a very reasonable blessing on my team with March 7th and Yanquing (especially if you have JY). But pushing for Hunt Blessings takes priority.

For zones, always go Combat ≥ Encounter > Occurrence > Transaction

Again, the only time this changes is based on where you are in your run/number of Hunt blessings you have. If you can’t push the next resonance I always go Encounter priority #1. Generally I choose Encounter all the time, but that’s because my team can easily handle the double and the 4 turn countdown.

Curios of Note

Dimension Dice is very good mid-early for getting more shots at Hunt Blessings. Warning – Consider not taking this at Respite 9 and above, you may not get enough changes to use it.

Chaos Trametes is great early-mid as well, it lets you hunt for more hunt blessings. More resets – higher chance to get what you need. It’s not absolutely terrible at 9 Respite because you’ll have less blessings to find, so more chances is better, but it gets lower value the later you pick it up.

The Doctor’s Robe is amazing. It makes trash extra speedy with the free energy, but more impactfully it makes your resonance do more damage, meaning you clear the boss faster and you more easily kill the adds.

If you have the option to take this at the start of your run, do it. Omniscient Capsule is the best Trailblazer Curio, as it not only gives you more fragment barrels in your run, it makes them worth double. Essentially giving you 4x the original fragments (1 * 1 vs. 2*2)

Galactic Big Lotto

Let’s talk about the Galactic Big Lotto. First, I want to say that it is objectively the worst Curio for consistency. If you get the wrong fight you could lose a character off the 99% proc if you can’t use Natasha’s ult in time, or if you don’t have it.

Having said that, Galactic Big Lotto is great for two things. First, if you can’t clear a world normally, it can RNG you into victory for those sweet first time rewards. I’ve gotten over 6 curios before using GBL, and it makes the run easy peasy, especially if you can run into the second piece of the puzzle that it is also great for: Shining Trapzohedron Die (Name slightly altered for censors)

Shining Trapzohedron Die is a great follow up for GBL. If you do decide to go this route, focus on Curios that get a use and then can be re-rolled. Examples would include the sealing waxes, Entropic Die, Fortune Glue, and Casket of Inaccuracy.

You roll these curios, get blessings, upgrades, etc., then reroll them with the Shining Trapzohedron Die to get new curios for more buffs, blessings, etc.

Either way, GBL is fun, and if you can usually finish runs safely, I’d try it out if your other options aren’t great early in the run. Makes the runs more fun and interesting. And if you’re stuck, it can be the gamble that gets you past the wall.

The rest of the curios are straightforward. Get cosmic enablers early. Fight stuff late. Avoid curios that only help at the start of a fight.


Blessings are a little more complex and really depend on your team. Personally my blessings of note are:

  • 3 Star – Imperial Reign
  • 2 Star – Adept’s Bow, Flowing Mist, Ejecting the Borisin, Battle Against the Old Foe
  • 1 Star – Vermeil Bow and White Arrow, Shrewd Arrangement, Catastrophic Constellation, Vaulting Ambition

However depending on how you play and your team you may change which is important. Vermeil Bow and White Arrow, however, is always going to be amazing, and you’ll want to prioritize upgrading it at Respite 12.

In general, always take the rarer blessing early. You’ll be more likely to see the lower rarity blessings again. Only take a better blessing at a lower rarity towards the end of your run.


For Curios and Choices:

  • Blessing Collection (Hunt) > Cosmic Fragment Generation (Early) > Good Final Fight Curios > Synergistic Non-Hunt Blessings > Final Fight Curios (Full Battle) > Cosmic Fragment Generation (Late) > Fight Curios (Early Turns)

For Zones:

  • Combat > Encounter > Occurrence > Transaction

For Resonance:

  • Bow and Arrow > Perfect Aim

Always reroll for Hunt Blessings. Always take the rarest Hunt Blessing. Use Resonance to clear adds on your final fight and to chunk the boss. Enjoy your Credits and Relic XP!!

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