Honkai: Star Rail – Important Things You Have to Do

Here I’ll just show everything in my opinion is important to do for every player that might already knew but I’ll keep post some of things I think would helpful for you that still wondering what is the best to do in the game.

Some Important Things You Have to Do In Honkai: Star Rail

Team Composition

Team Composition

You can choose whatever composition you want in this game, but I suggest to have at least 1 Dps, 1 Healer and 1 Defender. For the fourth character you can add a Sub-dps, Buffer, or Debuffer. Right here I’m using Seele as my main Dps, Silver wolf as my debuffer and sub-dps, Natasha as Healer, and Main Character Fire as my Defender.

This composition is really good for durability and survivability since I have a Defender to take all the damage and healer to heal some hp lost, in that way my dps and sub-dps or debuffer can focus on dealing damage to the enemies.

Also make sure you place your Defender on the 4th position cause you don’t want your main dps to get hit by aoe damage if your Defender are the enemies target, always position your team like this:

  • (DPS) > (Sub-DPS, Buffer, Debuffer) > (Healer) > (Defender)

So the only character get hit by enemies aoe damage only your Defender and your Healer or you can switch between Sub-dps and Healer if you think your Healer are too squishy.

Character Path

Character Path 1

Character Path 2

Character Path is like a roles in every game, it’s just have a different name. For me the roles would be like this:

  • A) Fighter = Destruction
  • B) Assassin = The Hunt
  • C) Mage = Erudition, Nihlity
  • D) Defender = Preservation
  • E) Support = Harmony, Abundance

But still you can’t stick to my opinion, that’s just how I see the Path, but sometimes Fighter or even Mage can deal even more damage than Assassin and that based on how we use the composition of the characters we have. It’s just to simplify people that didn’t used to a new mechanism like this. So you know which character you should use to complement your party.

DPS Characters

The Hunt Path Characters

For the best character you should focusing raising on is of course a DPS character, and I recommend you to invest for The Hunt path characters since they can deal a lot of damage to a single target so it would help you killing some boss on the Forgotten Hall, Simulated Universe, Future Event, etc. And I suggest you to invest all resources you have for only one character first, after you think he/she has enough power to swipe out all stages you can continue upgrading another path.

Why do I suggest you to upgrading character on The Hunt path, cause after I play all this time, I was helped by my Seele that I invested all my resources to maximize her and now I can clear some stages easily with her extraordinary damage.

Of course not everyone have Seele, but other Hunt character are not bad either like Dan Heng since he is a free character, you can just maximize him. But again even in another game Assassin role not always the best Dps you can choose so you can upgrading character on Destruction or Erudition path.

I have a good experience with seele not just because she’s at The Hunt path but also because she’s the best character on the tier list right now. So always check the tier list as well so you can upgrading character that you have with no hesitation.

Forgotten Hall

Forgotten Hall Stage 4

I think my strategy can only be done if you have Silver Wolf. In this stage I encountering a wave where I don’t have a character with sufficient level with that type, so what I do is using my best second Dps which is Yanqing and Silver Wolf for wave 2 and then I use my best Healer and Defender on wave 2 as well, I don’t have other Healer so I use other best character I can use for wave 1 Which is Dps, Sub-dps, Buffer, and Defender.

They didn’t have well upgraded relics but I can finish the first wave with 39-40 turns left thanks to my Seele that I invested all my resources on, but I had a hard time clearing second wave cause I haven’t upgrading Yanqing relics yet, but I can finish that stage cause I use my best Healer and Defender on second wave so they didn’t dies easily.

The point is it would be better to use your Dps pair with any character you have, and then the second Dps with the best Healer and Defender you have. This strategy only for new players and not always works on every stage.


Character Materials

Exp Materials / Credits

Synthesis Materials

I know everyone must be do this, but I just want to remind you always check which Materials that you lack of and then attempt your assignment on that materials until that materials are at the same amount with the other materials, it may be looks not much but can really help you on the future if you always check your assignment on time.

Relic Crafting

Relic Crafting

Don’t forget that we can craft a relic with spesific stats we need, but remember only use this when you need one relic with the right stat cause the material we needed to craft a relic are not easy to get, I mean we can’t get it everyday so always safe your materials for urgent situation.



Always check the event and make sure to finish all the things on the event.

Nameless Honor


Always try to finish daily, weekly, and monthly mission until you reach level 50.


After you reach level 50, you can unlock the Nameless Glory to gain more rewards. It’s really worth to buy the Nameless Glory if you already reach level 50.

That is all I think is important to do for new players, or even old players, I got all this knowledge based from my experience and reading some guide as well from community and else, but I’m make sure it’s not a content that I copy from other person, I purely thinking about this content on my on, and based on my opinion after reading guide and playing all this time.

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