Honkai: Star Rail – Jing Yuan’s Preview Guide

Jing Yuan

Honkai: Star Rail Jing Yuan’s preview guide!

How Does Hit Kit Works?

  • Jing Yuan has a summoning called Lightning-Lord with 60 Base SPD and 3 Hits Count.
  • At base, Lightning-Lord deals 3 instances of DMG based on Jing Yuan’s ATK.
  • You can increases its Hit per Action through Jing Yuan’s skill (+2) or ultimate (+3), up to 10. Each additional hit increases Lightning-Lord’s SPD by 10.
    • As such, Lightning-Lord can deals up to 10 instances of DMG.
  • Lightning-Lord attack is random but deals AoE DMG. Depending on the situation, you can either try to kill mobs alongside the boss, or just stack up when against waves of enemies.
  • Each Lightning-Lord’s attack is treated as a separate DMG instance, which means it is EXTREMELY easy to break shields.

Is he worth to pull?

As usual, in any gacha game, you want to pull for your favorite characters. As such, if Jing Yuan is a character that you like a lot, you may try to get him. Otherwise, you can pull him if you are sure that he can be useful to you.

Currently, Serval is the only other AoE Lightning character in the game. Although it is obvious that she’s weaker than Jing Yuan, she still does her job pretty well, even in endgame contents. While Seele was basically the only Quantum single-target DPS, Jing Yuan has an alternative for all players. As such, Jing Yuan may not be your top priority in pulls.

However, remember that you pull for the characters you like, and not based on how “strong” they are.

As a short answer, I would say YES for most people, as he is the strongest AoE DPS in the game.

What About His Light Cone?

His Light Cone is simply GODLIKE. Before Dawn is definitely the best Light Cone for all Erudition characters.

LC Banner is very nice too.

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