Honkai: Star Rail – Memory of Chaos Guide

Memory of Chaos Guide

Forgotten Hall is considered to be one of the end game content. It serves as a place to test out the characters that we been building. However, due to limited resources, we are bound to what we only have as of version 1.0 and the only way to best Forgotten Hall especially progressing Memory of Chaos is to utilize and strategize our loveable characters.

For the last 2 cycles, I was able to obtain 240 Stellar Jades by getting a total of 12 stars since every 3 stars gives you 60 Stellar Jades.

How can I progress if I don’t have 2nd Healer?

Despite having no 2nd healer, I was able to progress in Memory of Chaos by utilizing our current Preservation characters such as Fire MC and March7. With enough Def, they can **** the damage and even manage to break the enemy if weakness is included.

My characters are too weak!

I would advise to focus more on your current DPS. In my case, I have Seele and Jing Yuan but I also build Sushang, Dan Heng, and Hook.

Remember, just try and try.

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