Honkai: Star Rail – Reroling Guide

Reroling Tips


  • You can no longer use dot method.
  • Previously in genshin you would be able to have multiple accounts with one email.
    • So examplemail.com
    • To e.amplemail.com
  • You can have 4 rerolls on a email or yahoo and etc by switching servers.
  • Honkai star rail limits you on making accounts with some pop up this can be bypassed by going to their website and making an account then logging in the new account.
  • Ps after you make an account play on the device that made the account for more safety.
  • If you dint get the rolls you wanted don’t keep playing until trailblazer lv 5 it takes around 30 min to get to the gacha with 30 standard banner rolls and a few event wishes but if you wanna get to trailblazer 5 for those 10 extra rolls it takes 30 min in that time you could have made a new account with more rolls.


  • Don’t use a vpn when playing.
  • Don’t log in multiple account in a row.
  • Automated scripts and etc is now highly detectable.
  • Don’t make too many accounts per day.
  • After getting the account that you want take screen shots if it gets caught in a ban wave.
  • Hoyoverse usually takes 2 weeks to respond or resolve a case.
  • I have made 15 accounts to get the rolls i wanted since this is literally the best time to reroll and i would not be able to do it in the future.
  • My first account trailblazer level 33.
  • Second acc 39.
  • And after that just rerolls a few are trailblazer level 5 cause i dint know any better.
  • But after a lot of rerolls i got a decent account.
  • Best wishes to you all.

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