Honkai: Star Rail – Revamped Silverwolf Guide

Silverwolf Guide / How-To

  • She has smart bugs (they won’t reapply same bug twice)
  • She has smart weakness implant (she won’t apply innate weakness enemies come with)
  • There is no weighting for implementation (3 ice and 1 quantum is still 50/50)
  • She will not take into account elements that enemies are already weak to in weighting (so if enemy is quantum weak and you have 3 ice and 1 quantum, it’s 100% ice application)
  • She can reapply weakness type that she has already applied (so if enemy is not innately weak to ice or quantum, when applying skill, it can apply quantum the first time and the second time on a 50/50 chance which means the second skill refreshes the duration)

This makes Silverwolf viable for rainbow comps assuming the enemy has the innate weakness of the supports and not of the DPS.

Light Cones: Incessant Rain, Before the Tutorial Mission Starts (Use this if f2p)

Relic Sets: Genius (4pc) OR Musketeer (4pc) OR Thief (4pc only for break build), Pan Galactic (2pc) OR Ageless (2pc)

Main Stats: Chest = EHR (Crit if e2 and subdps), Boots = Speed, Sphere = Quantum Dmg, Rope = Energy Regen (Atk if e2s1)

Sub Stats (Two Options):

  • Crit build: EHR > Speed > Crit > Atk (Atk before crit if not e2)
  • Break build: EHR > Speed > Break effect > Atk

Trace priority: Skill > Ult > Talent (support build) OR Ult > Skill > Talent (Break build)

  • If SW always breaks: 45% more dmg than Crit build
  • If SW breaks one and skip one: 5% less dmg than Crit build
  • If SW never breaks: 45% less dmg than Crit build

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