Honkai: Star Rail – Simulated Universe Guide (World 3)

This text guide is to give new players a guide to the Simulated Universe with a F2P and Premium Party to breeze through content and hit your weekly point caps easily.

New Players Guide

Free to Play


  • Main Character (Destruction)
  • Serval (Sub DPS)
  • Herta (Sub DPS)
  • Natasha (Healer)

Premium Team

Seele Team Six:

  • Seele
  • Bronya
  • Tingyun
  • Any Healer

Sushang Team:

  • Sushang
  • Tingyun
  • Welt (if you have him)
  • Any Healer

Path: The Hunt

If you haven’t heard how crazy powerful the Path of The Hunt is in Simulated Universe, you should really pay close attention before it gets nerfed. The great thing about this is that the following path and blessings will get you all the way to world 6 with Seele Team Six and even knock out World 3 Difficulty 2 at Trailblazer Level 40 – 50.

Path Formation:

  1. Perfect Aim
  2. Bow and Arrow (if you’ve unlocked the second Formation)

What this will do is pretty much clear out every team of mobs you encounter that are not Elite or Part of an Encounter. This will also pretty much Down 50%+ of any Elite or Encounter Enemies you encounter if they have any additional targets within. Once you enter combat, use your Resonance Formation twice, which should kill all of the smaller enemies and once they are killed it will restore 50% of your Path Formation’s Energy (in this case one use, since 50% is 100%).

Key Curio(s):

  1. The Doctors Robe – This will increase your Path Resonance Damage by 40% and be restored to full at the beginning of each Combat.

Nice to Have Curio(s):

  1. Gold Coin of Discord – Gain 6% of your total Fragments each time you enter a Domain
  2. Chaos Trametes – Increase Number of Blessings by 1
  3. Robe of the Beauty – Increase Damage by 16% for each 100 Fragments you possess
  4. Record from Beyond the Sky – Take no Damage but DoT for the first 3 turns
  5. Sealing Wax of the Hunt – Gain a Blessing of the Hunt, makes Blessings appears more often
  6. Shattered Star Bait – Increase Movement Speed on Map by 20%, Forward Action by 10% in combat

Key Blessings:

  1. Vermeil Bow and White Arrow (UPGRADE)- This Blessing will give you a Speed Increase of 3% per each Blessing of the Hunt and stacks up to 6 times. When Upgraded it will give you 4% and stacks up to 9 times. This is key as it will cause your entire team to outspeed your enemy and give multiple extra turns before the Boss can act.
  2. Skirting Life and Death – Increased Crit Rate is always Nice
  3. Catastrophic Constellation – Advances your action 8% at end of character’s turn
  4. Shrewd Arrangement – Increases Crit Damage by 20%
  5. Battle Against the Old Foe – If your character has higher than 100% Crit Rate (which it will) and has Crit Boost, for every 1% Crit Rate that exceeds 100% your Crit Damage will increase by 3% up to a total of 150%
  6. Adepts Bow – When an ally users their Ultimate, they can inherit Critical Boost
  7. Imperial Reign – When your turn begins they gain 1 stack of Critical Boost

These are the blessings you should target. You will at least need 6 to activate your Path Resonance so just keep getting Hunt Blessings, and if you’ve unlocked the ability to reroll, use it each time you don’t see a Blessing of The Hunt. Try to keep as many Fragments on hand as possible, so that you can upgrade any of your Key Blessings (1 Stars over 2 and 3 Stars).

It doesn’t hurt to pick up Blessings of Abundance too, as there are some that when you are healed it will increase your speed by 10%, or defense by 24% (Victorious Force, Dispel Disaster) which are really nice when you use Natasha’s Ultimate. Picking up Extended Life is also handy, as it will heal your team by 36% whenever you enter combat. Pick these up if you see them if you’ve gotten your Key Blessings or if they show up on your Reroll and there is no Blessing of The Hunt.

Other Tips

You can also use a Yanqing Team here if you have him along with Main Character (Destruction), any Healer, and March 7th as most enemies are weak to Ice. Though you would likely want to go Path of Remembrance and exploit Freezing targets as much as possible.

If you have Bailu, make sure to bring her as your healer, as she can heal through any content so far that has been released and can be used to break Lightning if you don’t have anyone on your team with it.

Weaknesses to Exploit

Trash Mobs

Most Trash will be weak to Physical and Lightning Damage, so you can use your MC or Serval to give a nice start to every combat before you get the Path Resonance online.


Gepard and his cronies are all weak to Ice, which is why Herta is a bit of a star here in your F2P team, however if you are using the Path Resonance, you should be able to clear out all his summonable trash very quickly before they get a chance to act. Phase 3 may not be fully downed if you don’t have the Curio to boost the damage output, but they can easily be taken out after you use the ability.

  • Take out all of his summonable soldiers first, or someone will get one shot if locked on.
  • Phase 3 Soldiers are weak to Ice, Physical, and Quantum
  • Gepard is weak to Physical, Lightning and Imaginary Damage

Hidden Achievements

  • When the National Anthem Rings – Bring Bronya to fulfil using her Ultimate vs. Gepard (Need Cocolia and Bronya to also unlock)
  • Foolish Little Brother – Use Serval and deal the final blow to Gepard

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