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Gepard Landau

Gepard Landau is the young captain of the Silvermane Guard, who is also responsible for the city’s defenses and peace and order. He is known to be a responsible captain, always ensuring the safety of the citizens before taking care of himself, an ethos of being part of the Landau family.

As the one who saf****rds the city, he follows the Preservation Path and is known to be one of the best shielders in the game, providing a survivability boost to your team. If you ever managed to get him or do you want to build him, here is a character guide for you!

Combat Utilities

As the protector of the Belobog, Gepard’s kit heavily focuses on providing a shield to the team, increasing the survivability of the whole team. Although there are some caveats in his shielding properties, she is a reliable shielder if you can provide enough energy regeneration. When building his talent, be sure to prioritize these utilities when building him.

Ultimate > Skill > Talent > Basic

Basic Attack | Fist of Conviction

When he attacked, he dealt Ice DMG, which was equal to a certain percentage of his ATK to a single enemy. This is great when you want to conserve the skill points of your team, as well ensuring that he can use his Ultimate as fast as possible.

Skill Attack | Daunting Smite

When he uses his skill attack, he will deal Ice DMG that is equal to a certain percentage of his ATK to a single enemy, with a 65% base chance to Freeze the enemy for one turn. While the enemy is Frozen, the enemy cannot take action and will take Additional Ice DMG equal to a certain percentage of his TAK at the beginning of each turn. This is great when you want to contribute to bringing down the enemy’s Ice Weakness and HP. You have the option to use BA or SA, depending on the current Skill Point amount that you have.

Ultimate | Enduring Bulwark

His ultimate applies a shield to all allies, absorbing DMG that is equal to a certain percentage of his DEF with an additional amount for three turns. This is Gepard’s main kit that provides shields to his allies. When you stack DEF% on his relics and planar ornaments, he would be a great shielder for your team. Note that it only lasts for three turns. It is your duty to make it available again after those turns, especially when you are battling in Simulated Universes or Calyxes. Since the shielding capability locks in his Ultimate, you need to have at least a high Energy Regeneration rate in order for your Ultimate to become available as soon as possible.

Talent | Unyielding Will

Gepard’s responsibility lies in ensuring the protection of Belobog and its citizens. When you activate it by striking with a killing blow, instead of becoming knocked down, he will immediately restore a certain percentage of his HP based on his Max HP. This effect can only trigger once per battle. On paper, this may sound like a great talent; however, Gepard will not be likely to strike a killing bow since your priority is to stack DEF% and provide a high shielding attribute to your team composition.

Technique | Comradery

His technique, when activated, will give all of the allies a Shield at the start of the battle, absorbing DMG equal to 24% of his DEF plus 150 for two turns. This will give you an add additional protection if your Ultimate is not ready when you will use it. It is also useful when you are going to attack an enemy with a much higher SPD than your Main DPS.

Character Ascension

Ascending Gepard up to level 80 requires you to get these materials:

  • 15 Silvermane Badge
  • 15 Silvermane Insignia
  • 15 Silvermane Medal
  • 65 Horn of Snow
  • 308,000 Credits
  • 5,797,920 Experience Points

Utility Ascension

Maxing all of Gepard’s combat utility (Basic ATK to 6, Skill, Ultimate, and Talent to 10) will require the abovementioned materials. Remember that the amount will change depending on your talent prioritization.


Gepard is already a great shielder at E0, providing a much-needed shield for your team party. If you want to increase his kit further, here are the Eidolons that you want to look into. Keep in mind to spend wisely when you want to get his Eidolons.

E1 – Due Diligence

His E1 increases the base change of the enemies to get Frozen by 35% when he uses his Skill. This is a great Eidolon to have and usually a stopping point as it could provide an extra layer of survivability to the team, ensuring that the enemy that deals high DMG could not take a turn. In addition, since the base chance from his skill is at 65%, this would mean he has a 100% base chance for the enemies to get Frozen, requiring him to become flexible on team composition that would require two Ice characters to Frozen the enemies.

E2 – Lingering Cold

Another great Eidolon for Gepard as it would reduce the SPD of the enemy by 20% for one turn after the enemy has been Frozen by Gepard’s skill thawed out. This EIdolon has a great synergy on his first one since it benefits a lot on the buff that his skill will get. Furthermore, as you already unlocked this Eidolon, your main priority target is the enemy with high SPD.

E6 – Unyielding Resolve

His last Eidolon will make his action an Advanced Forward by 100% and restores HP% equal to 50% of his Max HP when you activate his Talent. Remember that Gepard needs to be the one who struck down an opponent to activate his Talent. However, if your Main DPS can deal high DMG values, it would be unnecessary to activate this Eidolon.


Here are the upgrades that you can use when upgrading your talents. Be sure to follow the same prioritization in his combat utilities.

Light Cones

Gepard uses The Preservation Light Cones in order for him to help fulfill his duty to the citizens of Belobog, while providing an additional DEF attribute to the team party. Here is the list of potential light cones that can be used to him.

  • Moment of Victory – Gepard’s signature light cone and his best-in-slot .right cone due to high DEF% values and DEF% buff when he was attacked. Since your goal is to have high DEF% values, this is your main light cone to use.
  • Texture of Memories – Alternative five-star light cone that can be used on Gepard since he can gain a Shield base on his Max HP when he is attacked. When he gets attacked while his shield is active, it will reduce the DMG taken by a certain percentage, which could be a potential light cone for him.
  • Landau’s Choice – One of his signature four-star light cones that featured Serval as a child. This light cone makes Gepard a ****-shielder hybrid since he is likely to get attacked by the enemy, and the DMG being taken is reduced. This is great when you ensure that your Ultimate will be activated more often during your battle and he has high DEF% attribute values.
  • Day One of My New Life – March 7th’s light cone and also his best-in-slot four-star light cone since it increases his DEF% and increases the DMG RES of his allies.
  • Amber – Your entry light cone for Gepard. Make sure that you Superimpose it if you want to get his signature light cones.


As of this patch, there is only one relic that you can use on Gepard and that is Knight of Purity Palace to increase his DEF% even more. The main and substat relic is already shown above.

Planar Ornaments

Here are the planar ornaments that you can use on Gepard, which serve different purposes.

  • Belobog of the Architects – if you want to increase his DEF even more
  • Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise – if you like to add more damage when you Freeze the enemies
  • Sprigthly Vonwacq – if you like to add an Energy Regeneration attribute to Gepard

Team Recommendation

Gepard’s team is flexible as he is a good shielder for the team. However, you need to have another character that will give a great amount of Energy Regeneration for his Ultimate to be ready at a moment’s notice.

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