Honkai: Star Rail – The Ultimate Guide to the Simulated Universe

Simulated Universe Guide

Do you have problems clearing World 5 where Kafka takes control of your healer? Cocolia doing too much damage? Well, fear not, this guide is here to give you some tips and tricks on how to beat World 6 even when you’re equilibrium level 2.

Notice: Please skip to “Tips” if you understand the absolute basics (location, functions, paths, ect).

The Absolute Basics

First let’s start with where you can even play the simulated universe. If you pay attention to the tutorial, you will find that the simulated universe is conveniently placed in the Master Control Zone located in Herta Space Station.

The location of the Simulated Universe

Once you’ve managed to teleport into the Master Control Zone, you will see 3 main things: The Simulated Universe Teleporter, Herta and Index Checker (please refer to the diagram below).

Simulated Universe Teleporter: This is used to access the 6 worlds that the simulated universe provides, it also lets access Herta’s Store, Index and the Ability Tree.

Herta’s Store – The shop here provides three 5 star relics which includes On the Fall of an Aeon, Cruising in the Stellar Sea and Textures of Memories which are great light cones for your character. The shop also lets you buy Superimposers which can be used to superimpose 5 star relics that are obtained from Herta’s Store. Star rail pass** are also available but I recommend buying all of the 5 star relics and superimposers before you buy them.

Index – This is used to keep track of what Blessings and Curios you have obtained throughout all your adventures in the Simulated Universe. You can see what the blessings and curios do in this page, as well as what blessings you haven’t obtained yet. When you unlock a certain number of blessings in a path (5, 12, 18 and 22) you get 80 stellar jades. Every Curio you unlock will get you 30 stellar jades. So, remember to check them for free stellar jades. If you are a fan of lore, check the Aeons menu out, it provides a lot of insights and stories into the different Aeons.

Ability Tree – The Ability is used to provide buffs to your characters within the simulated universe, ranging from attack, defense, health, more blessing choices, resonance upgrades and more. If you are struggling in some stages, you can try upgrading the ability tree.

Herta – Mainly more lore, nothing really useful.

Index Checker – Same function as the Index section within the Simulated Universe Teleporter, unless you want your step count to be higher, use it.

Different Paths

There are 9 paths in total which includes: Preservation, Remembrance, Nihility, Abundance, Hunt, Destruction and Elation. (See image below).

Different Paths in the Simulated Universe

Choosing the optimal path for the correct character composition can allow you to clear more worlds easily. So, choose carefully at the start of the game. By choosing a path, it increases the chance of the path’s blessing to appear when you defeat enemies or from encounters.


How to Grind Ability Tree:

If you are able to finish world 5 and you are trying to clear world 6, you should have no problem one shotting the enemies in world  Each run takes approximately 3-5 minutes if you run through all the normal enemies (you get the same amount either way), your character should be able to clear the enemies in less than 3 hits, allowing you to obtain 80 ability points after each run, which equates to about 1200 per hour.

This is also a good method in unlocking blessings and curios as you have the option to choose paths and the choice of a curio at the start of the game. If you are lucky, the occurrences in the game might give you more of them.

World 1 Clear

Always Finish Your Point Rewards:

The point reward system is a system where you can fill up the point counter by playing the simulated universe, even if you fail you will still obtain points towards it. The points rewards system can also give you credits, stellar jades, tracks of destiny and relic  ascension materials. If you progress more into the game, you can even obtain immersifiers that help you farm relics in game. So, it’s definitely worth it to finish it every week.

Read the Details of the Boss:

Although you might not want to, you should read the details of the bosses. This is important because some bosses have resistance towards specific elements. For instance, Kafka (world 5 boss) has resistance towards lighting and ice. So it would be preferable to bring a main dps that is not the mentioned elements to increase the damage dealt to the boss. Additionally, you should also pay attention to the weaknesses that the bosses have.

This is crucial in stopping attacks that might be fatal to your characters. To give an example, Cocolia (world 6 boss) has an attack called “Wrath of the Winterland Saints”, which will deal massive amounts of damage to your characters. To stop this, you would need to break their shield (white bar on top of the enemy’s health bar) in order to stop the attack. Thus, using characters that are the boss’s weakness is also something you should do. Lastly, also pay attention to the abilities that the enemy has. In world 5, Kafka has an attack called “Spirit Whisper” that can dominate your characters, which controls them.

So, using a character that can dispel debuffs such as: March 7th, Bronya and Natasha would allow you to effectively deal with it. Also, when paired with the Fire Trail Blazer who has a skill that can Taunt (makes it so the enemy only targets them) the enemy will not control your healer, allowing you to dispel debuffs without it affecting your team.

Blessing Choices:

You should be aiming for a blessing that corresponds to the path you take. This is because by choosing more blessings in your path, it allows you to use resonance, which is a special ability that can be recharged using basic attack, skills and ultimate. When you get the blessings in your chosen path 3 times, it allows you to use the basic level of resonance. But if you choose 6, 10 and 14 more blessings (can be unlocked through the ability tree), it allows you to get more upgrades towards resonance, which can be crucial in clearing levels. 

General Team Composition Rules:

You should generally have a team composition in the Simulated Universe that goes as follows:

  1. Main DPS
  2. Sub DPS that is usually a weakness towards the boss and most elite enemies
  3. A support that can buff damage, give enemys debuffs or give shields
  4. Healer

An example of this is is Seele (main dps), Dan Heng (sub dps), Fire Trail Blazer (shielder) and Natasha (healer), which I used to clear world 5.

Example Team 1 for World 5

Note: the Fire Trail Blazer is placed on the edge right next to the healer so that AOE damage only hits two of my characters instead of three if placed in the middle.

Another example can be Seele (main dps), Asta (support), Fire Trail Blazer (support) and Bailu (healer), which can be used to clear world 6. Cocolia, the boss of world 6 has weakness against fire, and with Asta’s skill, her shield can be torn down effectively, making her a better choice than a sub dps in this case.

Example Team 2 for World 6

Upgrade Your Relics:

If you are under equilibrium 3 (under TrailBlazer level 40), you would most likely not have 5 star artifacts. But, 4 star artifacts are not as bad as you think. 4 star artifacts can still allow your characters suitable amounts of damage and survivability that allows you to progress through most of the content that is currently out, such as the Memory Hall and the Simulated Universe.

I would recommend only maxing out the 4 stars relics on the main dps to increase damage output, as well as the relics on the healer that relate to the hp stat to increase survivability. The relics other characters do not need to be upgraded as most of the damage is dealt by the main dps, while even level 9 defense relics on the Fire Trail Blazer would provide you sufficient amounts of defense.

Upgrade Your Characters, Light Cones and Traces:

These upgrades are guaranteed stat increases that increase most of a character’s stats. So, upgrading them will allow you to have an easier time surviving and killing the enemies that you face in the simulated universe. But of course, it goes without saying that you should have good resource management. For example, upgrading all traces for a main dps is fine, but for characters such as supports or healers, mainly focus on upgrading their skills rather than their basic attack, prioritize their utility so that you don’t waste materials on useless things.

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