Honor of Kings – How to Rotate as a Jungler

If you want to know how to rotate correctly aş a jungler and which lord to prioritize what you do is then this guide is for you. Wanna know how you can come out at the farm lane and kill the enemy marksman… Just read below.

Tips to Rotate as a Jungler

It depends on where you think opponent jungler starts, and which lane is easier to gank on level 4.

For example

If fighter lane has a lubu vs mayane (on your side), while marksman lane has marksman with movement skills and healer/buff supports, it is better to clear in a way that makes you end up on the fighter lane after farming.

Since you have a higher chance of successful 2v1 kill on the gank.

It is worth nothing that I said opponent jungler rotation too.

Sometimes they will rotate to the same side as you, and it is better to wait for the opponent jungler to show itself first before initiating a gank.

Important note

Always prioritize the tyrant early game as it gives more gold and exp, while gaining a group buff, only go for the overlord when it is late game and you need to start pushing or when tyrant is taken.

I hope you found this helpful!

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