Honor of Kings – Mai Shiranui / Raz (Aov) Guide

Guide to Becoming Better with Mai Shiranui

Skill Profile

Let’s do a skill introduction and comments as usual. Friends who are familiar with Mai Shiranui can skip this.

Passive: Ninja Bee

After using the skill, mai shiranui can roll for a certain distance and increase the movement speed at the end. The first normal attack after leaving the battle will release ninja bee in the current direction, causing additional spell damage and a knockback effect.

Comments: In the “soul” of mai shiranui, many heroes rely on passive skills to establish themselves, but there has never been a hero who has penetrated the passive into the bone marrow like her.

Skill #1

Flying Dragon Flame Formation

Information: Mai Shiranui kicks upwards into the air, causing 550/620/690/760/830/900 (+73% spell bonus) magic damage to enemies within the range and knocking them into the air for 0.75 seconds.

When to Use It: You can use it while engaging/disengaging to counter enemies’ ults like Marco Polo, etc.

Skill #2

Butterfly Fan

Mai Shiranui throws a fan, causing 500/590/680/770/860/950 (+100% spell bonus) magic damage to the first target hit and reducing its movement speed by 90% for 0.5 seconds, while reducing 50/80/110/140/170/200 points of magic defense, lasting for 3 seconds. Hitting the enemy recovers 10 points of energy.

Tips: Use it to check the bush, poke the enemy, and clear waves.

Killing Bee

Mai Shiranui sprints forward, causing 800/1000/1200 (+110% magic bonus) magic damage to the hit enemy and knocking them back; at the same time, the enemy will have their physical attack power reduced by 20%/25%/30%, lasting 2.5 seconds.

Tips: Use S2 and passive to knock the enemy into the air, then use this ability to throw them into the turret or a specific place.

Core Gameplay

Hero Positioning

As an all-around player, Mai Shiranui can undertake many battlefield functions, the main function being consumption and harvesting, and the secondary function being control and retention. Use the combination of 2 skills and passive for long-range consumption/kiting, which can also be used to slow down and keep people at critical moments; use the combination of big move, 2 skills, and passive ninja bee for close control and harvesting.

To sum it up: An assassin who can’t kite is not a good assassin. This combination of attributes is very interesting for a shooter and will give players great satisfaction. Passive and 2 skills are the core; one is the soul, the other is the essence, both are indispensable. In fact, in the process of using Mai Shiranui, we spend most of the time “throwing fans” and “jumping”, and then we launch passive ninja bees to “push down” the enemy.

The passive attributes of Mai Shiranui are both rich and fun: the first layer is endless displacement. Every time we release a skill, we can choose to move forward, backward, left, or right to complete dodge skills, escape, and chase enemies, etc., so proficiency in the operation skills of passive displacement is one of the basic skills; the second layer is that the first general attack after leaving the battle will launch the ninja bee, knocking the enemy back for a certain distance, generally used in conjunction with skills 1 and 3, and is often used to send the enemy to your side.

Practice Makes It Perfect

Skill 2 is Mai Shiranui’s main consumption skill and long-range harvesting skill. It is a bit like Mozi’s cannon, except that the stun is replaced with deceleration and magic resistance reduction, and it can also be used for long-range harvesting at critical moments. A well-equipped Huowu and a fan can knock out at least 50% of the blood volume of the crispy skin. Such damage is really devastating, not inferior to Mozi’s giant cannon. This is the origin of “one fan determines the universe”. Therefore, whether the fan is thrown accurately is an important indicator to measure the level of Mai Shiranui’s priority consumption.

Every skill of Mai Shiranui has a control attribute. When a set is used, it explodes and explodes. Because the enemy is frequently knocked into the air and repelled, they are often powerless to fight back. However, due to Huo Wu’s physical weakness and fear of control, it would still be a huge risk to break into the crowd in a team battle, and usually only finish a set in an instant when it needs to be harvested. Before that, please learn to obediently use 2 skills to consume in a safe area, and then evaluate the enemy’s blood volume and your own damage, and take one set away! Therefore, the third indicator for evaluating Mai Shiranui’s usage level is whether it can be effectively consumed. Don’t cut into the crowd at will and eat the bitter fruit yourself! It must be known that Mai Shiranui who has completed a set of skills is already at the end of her strength and will basically be in a state of empty energy. She can’t stand still and level A with the opponent, right? Always remember that if the enemy does not die, it is likely that you will die.

Useful Tips

  • In addition to high damage, the 3 skill also has the effect of reducing the enemy’s attack power, and the displacement distance is farther than the 1 skill, so it is more suitable for the first release when close.
  • A more reasonable combo is: 2 skill hits (deceleration + magic resistance reduction) – at the same time, use the passive roll forward – 3 skills to rush to the target’s side (reduction of attack + knock back) – general attack (activate Ninja Bee knocks back again) – 1 skill (knock-off) to complete the harvest. If it is not dead, make another fan or kill. As long as the hand speed is fast enough, the enemy will always be in a state of being charged, and there is no way to parry, just ask you if you are disgusting!
  • Don’t overestimate the energy return. Please store enough energy before deciding to close a set to harvest. In the later stage, Mai Shiranui’s skill CD is extremely short, and novices often make mistakes: using up the energy of 2 skills during the consumption period. The energy consumption of the ultimate move is huge, and you often face the embarrassing situation of insufficient energy during combos, so you need to pay attention to the energy value at all times in order to deal full damage.
  • Take advantage of flexibility. Develop a good habit of moving reasonably immediately after releasing skill 2. If you are in the consumption stage, choose to roll backwards or sideways; if you are chasing or harvesting, choose to roll in the direction of the enemy, so that the enemy enters the reachable distance of skills 1 and 3. All in all, try not to stand still: on the one hand, it is to maintain the rhythm and feeling, and on the other hand, it is to reduce the hit rate of the enemy’s skills, so as to protect yourself (for example, it is difficult for a general to hit Huowu).
  • Passive displacement cannot pass through walls, but the displacement of skills 1 and 3 can; in addition, you can use skills 1 and 3 flexibly when you need to escape in danger. Don’t give away heads for nothing because you are stingy with skills. After all, the skill of fire dance does not consume mana and is relatively cheap.


Mai Shiranui is a mage who focuses on consumption and harvesting. The main needs are CD reduction and damage maximization (Ability Power and Ability Penetration) in the early stage. Considering the endurance, you can consider supplementing spell vamp.

The recommended inscription is as follows:

Red is recommended for Nightmare, which maximizes spell power and spell penetration; green is compassionate, the logic is that Mai Shiranui mainly relies on 2 skills to consume or clear troops in the early stage, and the energy is generally very full, and maximizing CD reduction is conducive to more damage; blue is recommended for Reincarnation or Greed, through spell lifesteal to meet the needs of sustain.

Items & Arcana

Recommendation 1: Magic Penetration Violent Flow

This set of equipment is aimed at the word “damage”: The Staff of Echo and Wrath of the Polymath maximize spell power and damage effect; the Boots of Calm make up for the lack of equipment cooldown reduction, and cooperate with the inscription to achieve “two seconds, one fan”; the high amount of magic penetration provided by the Mask of Pain and the Wand of Void allows Mai Shiranui to meet gods and kill gods, ignore tanks, and finally make up the Book of Sages to increase health and magic power.

The advantage is that the damage is real, a fan can destroy the world, and a big meat tank can also be taken away; the disadvantage is that it has no battery life, and has high requirements for positioning and avoiding damage. It is recommended for players with coquettish positioning and high operation skills.

Recommendation 2: Continuous Output Type

This set of endurance-type equipment replaces the Void Rod and the Book of Sages with the Book of the Devouring God and the Asylum of the Sages, which greatly improves the endurance and fault tolerance; it has been improved and is suitable for a single row or passerby.


  • Magic Attack Power +4.2
  • Magic Penetration +2.4


  • Cooldown Reduction +1%


  • Magic Attack Power +2.4
  • Spell Lifesteal +1%

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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