Hoo-Boy – 100% Full Achievements Walkthrough

Achievements with a sweet taste.

Complete Achievements Walkthrough


  • Complete the level by collecting all the coins

Complete a level by collecting all the coins. Each level has 3 coins. This achievement can be easily obtained at the very first level.

There’s no eggs

  • Find Easter Eggs

Obtained at level 9.

  • Go to this platform.
  • Go down, pick up the basket and go to the finish line.


  • Find secret portal to CandyLand

The portal is at level 10 of the game.

  • Go to this place and jump into the green portal.
  • Then go a few steps forward up to this point to get the achievement.

I’m Bat…

  • Find caves

This achievement will be given at level 11 of the game.


  • Go to snow valley

To get this achievement, you need to get to level 16. Once you open it, you will get the achievement.


  • Get all stars on a all levels

Get 3 coins in each of the 15 levels. Even if you missed some, you can always replay the levels.


  • Complete a game

Finish the game. It has 25 levels.

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