Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch – Where to Get Sunflowers

Guide to Find and Get Sunflowers

There’s a chest outside the Felix Estate, around the wild horses but kinda overlooking the Harbor that has three sunflowers every day.

Just collect them, sleep, then collect them again until you have enough to make the garden.

There’s also a patch of sunflowers at Felix Estate, if you go around the cars on the left you’ll find it along that side path.

Go into the menu and set the quest to focus and it will highlight where the food items are found.

The person who gives the quest says they’re at the shipwreck, and there is a path next to where you get your first horse that leads to it.

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  1. This makes no sense. The chest, yes. But the the patch of sunflowers by the Felix estate doesn’t make sense. You say it’s around the cars but then you say it’s at the shipwreck which is not near the Felix estate, that’s the harbor. So where is this patch?

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